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Scanlines touring survey exhibition - dLux MediaArts

13 March 2015 5 March 2017

Tour Dates:

13 Feb - 5 Apr 2015 - Artspace McKay

6 Jun - 18 Jul 2015 - Tamworth Regional Gallery

27 July - 12 Sep 2015 - Western Plains Cultural Centre

21 Sep - 31 Oct 2015 - Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

16 Nov 2015 - 25 Jan 2016 - Riddoch Gallery

26 Feb - 2 Apr 2016 - Logan Art Gallery

29 Apr - 26 Jun 2016 - Burnie Regional Gallery

12 Jul - 21 Aug 2016 - Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

14 Sep - 22 Oct 2016 - Deakin University Art Gallery

7 Nov 2016 - 1 Jan 2017 - Orange Regional Art Gallery

3 Feb - 5 Mar 2017 - Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery



Included works:

1. Soda_Jerk with SAM SMITH
Trailer for the film Hollywood Burn, 2011

Digital video, colour, sound, 16:9
Duration of trailer: 1.34 min
Duration of Hollywood Burn: 52 mins 


Reading the Body, 2009
single channel digital video
6 min

Commissioned by ReelDance
Choreographer/film-maker/editor: Sue Healey
Digital Artist: Adam Synnott
 Darrin Verhagen
Animation: Adnan Lalani
Cinematography: Judd Overton
Performer: Rachelle Hickson


oh industry, 2009.
HDV video transferred to SD, 16:9
4 min 11 sec.

Conceived & Performed by Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Dancers: Elizabeth Ryan, Emma Saunders, Mirabelle Wouters
Choreography: Emma Saunders
Director of Photography: Don Cameron
Editor: Vera Hong
Stills Photography: Pete Volich
Production Assistant: David Wheeler
Wardrobe: Catherine White, Jessica Olivieri
Music: ‘Oh Industry’, vocals: Bette Midler, songwriter: Wendy Waldman, from Beaches Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Atlantic Records, 1988
Filmed on location at Newington Armory, NSW, 24 April 2009


Train No.8, 2005
Single-channel digital video, stereo, 16:9
4 min 29 secs.  

Courtesy the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery and Future Perfect, Singapore


Short Before the Movie, 2003. 
Original format – Super 8 Completion formats - 35mm Dolby Stereo 1:1.85 (1 reel / 550 ft) & Digital Betacam, Stereo, 16:9
5.5 min
© Janet Merewether t/a Go Girl Productions 2003

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor/Camera Sound Mix Male Voice Female Voice
Janet Merewether Greg Fitzgerald Brent Clough Valerie Marteau


Dream Kitchen, 1999
Interactive animation
Published on CD ROM 2000

Written by Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs
Directed by Leon Cmielewski
Produced by Josephine Starrs
Design and Music by Panos Couros
Script Editor Don Smith
3D Animator & Camera Path Meister: Craig McPherson
Thanks to Sarah McGregor, Graham Harwood, Brad Miller, Dale Nason, Andrew Traucki, John Tonkin


these are the days, 1994 (2012 version exhibited)
computer animation, digital video (1080p)
22:24 (looped installation version), 3:12 (single channel version)
produced in association with the Australian Film Commission

Writer's Block, 1994
B & W Film
5 min 27 sec

Actor: Mark Thomson
Writer: Leon Cmielewski
Director: Leon Cmielewski
Animator: Leon Cmielewski
Editor: Leon Cmielewski
Art Director: Leon Cmielewski
Director of Photography (Live Action): Peter Falk
Director of Photography (Animation): Leon Cmielewski
Sound Design: Clive Bourne
Sound Edit: Leon Cmielewski
Animation Assistant: Dale Nason
Producer: Dennis Tupicoff
Associate Producer: Leon Cmielewski


35 Summers, 1988
Super 8 film, colour, sound,
15 min        


Ayers Rock,1985
Super 8 film, colour sound
50 sec


Down Diablo Way, 1982
Super 8 film, B&W
15 min

Adapted from a radio play with William Boyd and Rand Brooks.
Directed, Produced & Screenplay by Stephen Harrop and Stephen Fearnley


The Coal Cliff, 1981
Super 8 film
13 min 20 sec

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