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Walking, Film

Non-narrative short film Walking made by David Perry, shown privately. B&W Standard 8 guage. Perry had been shooting film for many years before this, but he ackowleges this is his first completed film. The original film is now lost, but low quality b&w video telecines exist.

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Experimental film

The Cantrills might be said to have invented Expanded Cinema (at least in Australia) – in which the production and particularly the projection of films is not seen as a single screen form but one in which all kinds of things, from manipulation of the colour during the processing of...

Aus-Land or The Other Country, Kurt Brereton, Experimental film

Kurt Brereton still from Aus-Land or The Other Country, screened at Foreign Bodies Semiotic Conference Sydney Uni with George Alexander – live performance 

Backwards To You, Kurt Brereton, Film

Backwards To You, (1979), 8mm, col/sound, 20mins. In collaboration with the Polish performance artist Piotr Olszanski. An anti-sports culture comedy sketch on the Sydney City to Surf marathon. Olszanki runs backwards from finish to start and meets race 100 metres from the end before being swallowed up in the...

Body Melt, Film

Body Melt is a $1.65m feature film funded by the Australian Film Commission and Film Victoria. It was shot late 1992, with post-production ...

A___B, Barbara Campbell, Film

Super 8 film, colour Shown at the 8th Sydney Super 8 Film Festival held at the Chauvel Cinema, 26 November 1987. An experimental film work made during a Super 8 workshop led by Geoff Weary at Tin Sheds Art Workshops, University of Sydney. The main ‘techniques’ employed were in-camera slow motion and coloured...

Banner, Barbara Campbell, Film

colour, sound, Super 8 Banner is described as "A compressed history of US expansionism by way of some well-known cultural icons."1 "Working backwards, the distinctive red stripes of Sydney's Coca Cola sign and REagan's Star Wars policy must have inspired that original star-spangled banner worked out by Betsy Ross and George Washington...

Cabinet of Madame Tussaud, Barbara Campbell, Film

"Madame Tussaud learnt her skills of wax modelling during the French Revolution. The Terror provided her with models more often dead than alive. The story of Madame Tussaud is woven around the great portrait machine of the revolution - the guillotine. Descriptions of its awesome efficiency and her gruesome task...

Home/Travel, Barbara Campbell, Film

Super 8 film, Dual projection, colourSound by Michelle Andringa This work had two iterations. In its initial form, it was the title given to a live performance that employed film loops as part of its visual material, and also used the gallery’s ‘cottage’ architecture and exterior plantings. Performed at:Australian Centre for Contemporary Art,...

Elevation, Stephen Cummins, Experimental film

Resonance, Stephen Cummins, Simon Hunt, Experimental film

Greetings From Sydney, Bruno Donatello, Film

“a short comic murder film playing with rear projection illusions featuring Sheona White and Duncan McLay.” - Sheona White - until recently worked at the AGNSW as an administrator Duncan McLay became a Hare Krishna devotee and later an industrial designer.

Blind, Stephen Harrop, Film

Alma and Ena, Film

Alma & Ena: 5 minutes 2 sisters. 2 variations. Together 195 years of experiences. Performers: Rachelle Hickson & Nalina Wait Cinematographer: Mark Pugh Editor: Sue Healey Premiered Singapore Arts festival 2012

1972 23 May10 Jun  
Idea Demonstrations, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, Video

Presented at Inhibodress as Trans Art 1: Idea Demonstrations.

Albatross, Todd McMillan, Film

Mad Mesh, Experimental film

Mad Mesh was made by photographing disturbed mesh patterns from a television camera tube. An Image Orthicon camera in the Federal Engineering section of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Gore Hill, Sydney) had developed a fault with the mesh in the pick-up tube that could be moved around with...

Continuous Sound and Image Moments, Jeffrey Shaw, Experimental film

With Tjebbe van Tijen.

Connected by Light, Lynette Wallworth, Film

Documentary, 27 minutes XDCAM EX 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen Dolby Stereo

Coral: Rekindling Venus, Lynette Wallworth, Film

A major work for fulldome digital planetariums by acclaimed artist Lynette Wallworth. An extraordinary journey into a mysterious realm of fluorescent coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures and rare marine life, revealing a complex community living in the oceans most threatened by climate change. Artist's statement: "Imagine global co-operation for a...

Bird Man, Jamil Yamani, Film