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Reading the Body

Sue Healey

Commissioned by ReelDance

Choreographer/film-maker/editor: Sue Healey 

Digital Artist: Adam Synnott 

 Darrin Verhagen

Animation: Adnan Lalani 

Cinematography: Judd Overton 

Performer: Rachelle Hickson


"Finally, Reading the Body (Sue Healey) one of the most fully realised works of the evening, and certainly the most fluent integration of dance, art and cinema, offers a revelation which only cinema could give us, as well as finely balanced beauty and an articulate and sensitive dance. Healey overcomes the frequently experienced gap in comprehension between the dance and its audience by revealing, with animations, the inside of the body. These revelations are timed and phrased to punctuate, extend and interact with the dancer. The cinematically constructed relationship between the animations and the dancer align us with the character, make us feel what she feels, and give us access to the mysteries of dance".

- Karen Pearlman, Realtime

"The production of animated space in the projected film Reading the Body (animator Adnan Lalani, performer Hickson) mirrors, dissects and makes visible the felt forces and linear geometries expanding beyond the boundary of skin: how do we move? Animated objects are spookily suspended like child mobiles. Graphics resemble the crude, naive surrealism of Mexican folk art figures: bones in their own dance. The dancer interacting—measuring, shaping up, now inside-out—Hickson disassembled in the apprehension of absences."

- Jodie Macneilly, Realtime

2 channel projection on perspex screen or single channel video
6 min
Sue Healey, 'Reading the Body' 2009 – via Vimeo 
Sue Healey - HOW, Sue Healey discusses making her work 'Reading the body' – via Vimeo 
Sue Healey - WHY, Sue Healey discusses 'Reading the body' – via Vimeo 
still from 'Reading the Body' 2009,
still from 'Reading the Body' 2009, – via 
still from 'Reading the Body' 2009,
still from 'Reading the Body' 2009, – via