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Leon Cmielewski

Leon Cmielewski is an artist, animator and designer, he has worked in both print design and broadcast television design.
Over the past decade along with collaborator Josephine Starrs he has produced a range of video and interactive media projects which often use play as a strategy for engaging with the social and political contradictions inherent in contemporary life.

Some of their media artworks including Incompatible Elements, Waterways and sms_origins are situated at the juncture of cinema, information visualisation, and mapping, playing off the tensions between the large and small screen, and between information and sublime landscape.

Other public media art installations include: Seeker, an installation which explores issues of migration, territorial boundaries, conflict commodities and human displacement, which won an Award of Distinction in Interactive Art from the Prix Ars Electronica, Austria, a.k.a., a video about universal surveillance, the Trace interactive installation, Bio-Tek Kitchen a computer game patch, Dream Kitchen an interactive stop-motion animation and Floating Territories a game art installation.

Period of activity 
from 1993
Dream Kitchen (Gaming Footage) P.1., – via Vimeo 
Dream Kitchen (Gaming Footage) P.2., – via Vimeo 
Leon Cmielewski - WHO, Leon Cmielewski discusses his biography with dLux MediaArts – via Vimeo 
Leon Cmielewski - WHY, Leon Cmielewski discusses the making of 'Writer's Block' – via Vimeo 
Cmielewski & Starrs - HOW, Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs discuss the making of 'Dream Kitchen' – via Vimeo 
Cmielewski & Starrs - WHO, Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs discuss their biographies and collaborative practice – via Vimeo 
Cmielewski & Starrs, Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs discuss changing tools and technologies used by media artists – via Vimeo 
Cmielewski HOW, – from Writer's Block, via Vimeo 
See video
– from a.k.a., via YouTube 
Cmielewski and Starrs - WHY, – from Dream Kitchen, via Vimeo 
incompatible elements documentation 2, – from Incompatible Elements, via Vimeo 
Moving Graffiti, Created for Siteworks 2012 at Bundanon, NSW, Australia by Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski. – from Moving Graffiti, via Vimeo 
Waterways, Video Documentation – from Waterways, via Vimeo 
SMS_origins, Video Documentation – from SMS_origins, via Vimeo 
Video Documentation
land[sound]scape, Video Documentation – from land[sound]scape, via YouTube 
See video
– from Seeker, via YouTube 
– from Trace, via 
See video
– from Bio Tek Kitchen, via YouTube 
User Unfriendly Interface, User Unfriendly Interface – from User Unfriendly Interface, via Vimeo 
'Paranoid Interface', 1997, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, 'Paranoid Interface', 1997 – from Paranoid Interface, via Vimeo 
Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs , Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs 'Augmented Terrain' installation prototype, 2014 – from Augmented Terrain, via Vimeo 
Cmielewski & Starrs - white, – from White, via Vimeo