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Interactive Video Installation

Clesthyra's Undoing, Interactive Video Installation

Interactive Multiuser Immersive Multimedia Environment by Tim Gruchy Commisioned for 2nd Asian Art Biennial, Taichung Clesthyra is a fictional mythological character from Neil Stephenson’s Anathem, who can see in all directions at once. This works breaks down and subverts that possibility. It subtly draws the audience’s attention within the 360º screen space,...

SCOUT - Sentient Co-realtor Of Urban Transaction, Interactive Video Installation

A permanent large scale public art sculpture commissioned by Cooper and Co. in conjunction with the Britomart Arts Trust on the site of Tukutai Square, Britomart, Auckland.

Space Over Time, Interactive Video Installation

Tim Gruchy interactive installation The piece is a walkin interactive installation. It involves software which takes an incoming video camera source and combines it with computor graphics to create an artificial reality environment. The interactor steps into a sensed zone in front of the camera to be confronted with their image...

HokusPokus, Michele Barker, Anna Munster, Interactive Video Installation

HokusPokus  examines illusionistic and performative aspects of magic to explore human perception, senses and movement. It takes inspiration from recent neuroscientific interest in magic as a way of unraveling the relations between vision and movement in human perception. A magician appears on 3 separate screens performing tricks...

2012 1928 Oct  
Impasse, Interactive Video Installation

Created by Denis Beaubois, William McLure and Jeff Stein. The Impasse project was part of the Melbourne Festival and sponsored by Dunlop Foams. Due to popular demand, attendance quotas to Impasse were tripled. More than 600 visitors experienced the Impasse and a number of visitors returned to become...

Kiru Umi No Yoni/Cutting Like the Ocean (Installation version), Peter Callas, Interactive Video Installation

installation incorporating video, 1983 Kaneko Art G1 Tokyo, (1983); Roslyn Oxley Gallery Sydney (1983); “Interface” University Gallery Adelaide (1984) Installation on which the tape Kiru Umi No Yoni is based.

Global Mind Project, Karen Casey, Interactive Video Installation

Global Mind Project: Spectacle of the Mind, Karen Casey, 2010

Meditation Wall, Karen Casey, Interactive Video Installation

Video projection (240 x 600cm) exhibited in 'Uncontainable' ISEA 2011 Istanbul Developed from original artworks by Karen Casey, manipulated by the artist's brainwaves using custom designed EEG video effects software developed by Harry Sokol Audio design: Tim Cole with Karen Casey

CRT: h’ommage to Léon Theremin (CRT), Robin Fox, Interactive Video Installation

Robin Fox is one of Australia’s leading artists in audio-visual performance, sound and computer music. His diverse practice has led to research in acoustic compositions for cochlear implant users at the Bionic Ear Institute in Melbourne, commissioned interactive audio-visual performances for festivals worldwide and the release of seven experimental sound...

PLACE-Hampi, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Dennis Del Favero, Interactive Video Installation

Place-Hampi is a vibrant theatre for embodied participation in the drama of Hindu mythology set into a real-world landscape. PLACE-Hampi provides the setting for a stereographic virtual landscape, populated by sixteen cylinders enclosing a constellation of cinematic events in which the audience can participate, traverse and examine at...

Unmakeloveable, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Interactive Video Installation

Unmakeablelove is a revisioning of Beckett’s initial investigation in ‘The Lost Ones’ (1972) that focuses and makes interactively tangible, a state of confrontation and interpolation between our selves and another society that is operating in a severe state of physical and psychological entropy.

Cardiomorphologies, George Poonkhin Khut, Interactive Video Installation

The Cardiomorphologies series explores the subjective spaces created through interaction with a simple geometric visualisation of realtime heart and breath rate data. The installation is comprised of one large foor-to-ceiling video projection, that is controlled by heart and breath signals from the participant who is seated...

Drawing Breath, George Poonkhin Khut, John Tonkin, Interactive Video Installation

Drawing Breath is the name of a series of breath-responsive works developed with artist and interaction designer John Tonkin. A stretch-sensing belt worn around the participant’s chest translates breath-related changes in chest diameter to a computer that transforms these movements into a dense array of trailing...

The Heart Library Project, George Poonkhin Khut, Interactive Video Installation

George Khut with David Morris-Oliveros and Caitlin Newton-Broad The Heart Library Project is an interactive art exhibition designed for presentation in hospital and health care settings, schools, museums and art galleries. It combines interactive heart rate controlled audio-visuals with audience participation to create a unique environment where...

Autonomous Improvisation v.1, Wade Marynowsky, Interactive Video Installation

Prepared and automated Pianola, four networked computers, three projectors, three screens, monitor, amplifier, speakers, sound.Custom built software to randomly play 37 different video files and to play the Pianola.

Funeral Songs, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Interactive Video Installation

Documentation of installation at Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart MOFO January 2012 What song do you want played at your funeral?

Solace in Black Sun, Debra Petrovitch, Interactive Video Installation

4 channel Video, 5 channel audio with interactivity and triggering devices. (Interactivity programmed and installed by Wade Marynowsky), Artspace, curated by Blair French.

2005 21 Jul19 Aug  
The Anita Project/version 3, Debra Petrovitch, Interactive Video Installation

The Anita Project is based on research into the murder of Anita Cobby in Australia in 1986, and the impact her death had on society. At the age of 26 years old, Anita Cobby was robbed, raped and brutally murdered in Western Sydney, which provoked fierce public outrage never before witnessed in...

Plasticology, Patricia Piccinini , Interactive Video Installation

57 TV monitors, motion-sensors and computer digital modelling and animation.

Bystander, Kate Richards, Ross Gibson, Interactive Video Installation

Artists: Kate Richards & Ross Gibson Designer: Aaron Seymour Programmers: Daniel Heckenberg, Jon Drummond Sound Design: Greg White

Double Time (1985), Jill Scott, Interactive Video Installation

Double Time (1985) Video tape and Installation with spectator interaction.

Triple Fate (1986), Jill Scott, Interactive Video Installation

Triple Fate (1986) Single monitor Installation with game, water, sound, video and photographs.

Passage Sets/One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue, Bill Seaman, Interactive Video Installation

Passage Sets is a generative visual poem. It includes an interactive poem generator. The users of the system can position themselves in front of the screen and select words and/or phrases from four lists that become visual as they enter into differing proximities in relation to the screens. Moving forward...