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Group Exhibition

2011 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition

The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship provides financial assistance for a New South Wales visual artist at the beginning of their career to undertake a program of professional development for one to two years which can include activities such as mentorships and internships; residencies; and short-term courses,...

2008 12 Jun 3 Aug  
Australian Gothic: Video Art now, Group Exhibition

Australian Gothic: Video Art Now Curated by Dr Shaun Wilson Artists: Alex Avzoglou Marsha Berry John a Douglas  Robert Hecimovic Larissa HJorth Tammy Honey Sam Keene Brendan Lee David MCDoWell aaron McLoughlin Krystal Shultheiss Brie Trenerry Shaun Wilson Marco Kin Ming Wong Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

2000 26 May30 Jun  
Biennale of Sydney 2000, Group Exhibition

Works for the 12th Biennale of Sydney were selected by a panel of international curators and directors and included Fumio Nanjo, Louise Neri, Hetti Perkins, Sir Nicholas Serota, Robert Storr, Harald Szeemann and Nick Waterlow [chair]. Major video installation pieces by artists such as Mariko Mori were included.

1979 12 Apr27 May  
Biennale of Sydney: European Dialogue, Group Exhibition

Curated by Nick Waterlow, European Dialogue featured 131 artists from 19 countries. The exhibition's curatorial permise was based on questioning the "predominance of New York as the centre of the international contemporary art world. The exhibition explored the direct links between Europe and Australia and the influence of European art...

1998 18 Sep 8 Nov  
Biennale of Sydney: Every Day, Group Exhibition

Curated by artistic director Jonathan Watkins.

1988 18 May18 Sep  
Biennale of Sydney: From The Southern Cross, Group Exhibition

Under the curatorship of artistic director Nick Waterlow, the Biennale of Sydney From the Southern Cross coincided with the Australian Bicentennial. Alonsgide a number of key works by early Modernists the exhibition also featured contemporary Japanse and Indigenous Australian art. The BOS was also exhibited in Melbourne.

1996 27 Jul22 Sep  
Biennale of Sydney: Jurassic Technologies Revenant, Group Exhibition

The 10th Biennale of Sydney was curated by artistic director Dr. Lynne Cooke and "presented a re-appraisal of older reproductive technologies including photography, film and print media. The politics of identity, memory versus history, the fantastic and Gothic were key themes." [BOS Website].

2004 30 Jun27 Aug  
Biennale of Sydney: On Reason and Emotion, Group Exhibition

Curated by Isabel Carlos. Various venues including the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

1986 16 May 6 Jul  
Biennale of Sydney: Origins, Originality + Beyond, Group Exhibition

Nick Waterlow was artistic director of the 1986 BOS. "The exhibition questioned the concept of what constituted originality in the work of artists as diverse as Malcolm McLaren, Eric Fischl and Carlo Maria Mariani. It explored the origins, death and resurrection of form and imagery, as well as the transition...

1984 11 Apr17 Jun  
Biennale of Sydney: Private Symbol, Public Metaphor, Group Exhibition

Under the cutarorial overview of artistic director Leon Paroissien the 5th Biennale of Sydney "focussed on the expression of private views and obsessions as well as broader political statements in the work of a diverse group of artists, including Hans Haake, Barbara Kruger, Tony Cragg and Gilbert and George." [BOS...

2008 18 Jun 7 Sep  
Biennale of Sydney: Revolutions: Forms that Turn, Group Exhibition

Curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev the Biennnale of Sydney was exhibited at Cockatoo Island, the Art Gallery of NSW, Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

1990 11 Apr 3 Jun  
Biennale of Sydney: The Readymade Boomerang, Group Exhibition

Artistic director Rene Block's The Readymade Boomerang was the 8th Biennale of Sydney and "examined the distinctive historical connections of the "readymade" from the early 1900s to the 1980s, based on the work of Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia. A comprehensive satellite program of music, performance, lectures, symposia and workshops at...

1982 7 Apr23 May  
Biennale of Sydney: Visions in Disbelief, Group Exhibition

Curated by William Wright Visions in Disbelief celebrated "the return to painting and more traditional forms of art, the exhibition also included separate performance, sound and video sections. The event was broad-based and included an extensive public program of lectures and conferences, as well as a dynamic satellite program of independent...

2006 8 Jun27 Aug  
Biennale of Sydney: Zones of Contact, Group Exhibition

Curated by artistic director Charles Merewether the Biennale of Sydney was exhibited in 16 venues including including Pier 2/3, at Walsh Bay, the Art Gallery of NSW, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

2002 15 May14 Jul  
Biennale of Sydney: [The World May Be] Fantastic, Group Exhibition

"The exhibition focused on artists who use fictions, fakes, invented methodologies and experiments as a basis for their work. The projects celebrated the potential of the creative act to generate alternative worlds, suggesting that our everyday belief systems may be constructed, hallucinatory and changeable." [BOS Website]. Curated by Richard Grayson...

2003 21 Mar31 Aug  
Remembrance + The Moving Image, Group Exhibition

Are memories like movies? Can they be recorded? Can you capture their yearning, their dread, their jubilation? Featuring spellbinding artworks by leading artists from around the world in ACMI's acclaimed screen gallery, Remembrance reveals how deeply our memories can move us.

2009 26 Jun23 Aug  
Rising Tide: Film & Video works from the MCA Collection, Group Exhibition

Rising Tide: Film & Video works from the MCA Collection Destiny Deacon, Shaun Gladwell,The Kingpins, Jess MacNeil, Todd McMillan, TV Moore, Kate Murphy, David Noonan, Susan Norrie, Patricia Piccinini, Tony Schwensen and Daniel von Sturmer

2002 25 Oct 2 Nov  
Screen Life, Group Exhibition


2009 7 Jun22 Nov  
Shaun Gladwell, Vernon Ah Kee, Venice Biennale, Group Exhibition

Venice Biennale 200953rd InternationalArt Exhibition 7 June - 22 November 2009

1991 20 Apr12 May  
Video In Australia, Group Exhibition

20/04/1991 - 05/05/1991 Video Positive '91 Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool, UK Video In Australia: Installations / Performance /Electric Images Brian Langer

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Video Tapes at Inhibodress, Group Exhibition

Over two evenings in late 1971, Mike Parr and Peter Kennedy presented 80 minutes of video tapes they had made over the previous months. These were recordings of performances of "art by instruction" in which the artist went about performing a task that may have put them under extreme pressure...

2011 5 Aug 3 Oct  
Experimenta Utopia Now, Group Exhibition

You must follow me carefully. I shall have to controvert one or two ideas that are almost universally accepted... New media art by Australian and international artists. Cohered by the question: what now? Where are we headed?       ... a peculiar change crept over the appearance of things... Interactive, innovative exhibition that critiques,...

2011 11 Sep13 Nov  
PRIMAVERA 2011, Group Exhibition

Primavera is an annual exhibition for Australian artists aged 35 years and under. The 2011 exhibition was curated by Anna Davis and included artists Rebecca Baumann, Eric Bridgeman, Barbara Cleveland (Kelly Doley, Frances Barrett, Diana Smith, Kate Blackmore), Tom O’Hern, Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies, Keg...