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Otherfilm, Artist Collective

Otherfilm is a collective based in Brisbane, Australia, dedicated to avant-garde, experimental, abstract, expanded and other film. We express this dedication through regular screening programs, performance events, exhibitions, workshops, articles, research, discussions and arguments. OtherFilm has created programs for Melbourne International Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival, Liquid Architecture, The...

Ubu Film Group, Artist Collective

The Ubu Film Group emerged in Sydney in 1965. Initiated by Albie Thoms, David Perry and Aggy Read, Ubu was pivotal for the ndevelopment of underground film iand independent cinema. This group evolved into the Sydney Fillmmakers Co-op in the late 1960s.

ACAB Collective, Artist Collective

ACAB attempt to rethink human actions and impulses: for instance, rather than attempting control over our environmental fate, the human hand could choose to act as a catalyst for change. An environmental crisis for one organism might be the next big break for another (as an asteroid was for the...

Ariel, Artist

Ariel was an important figure in the early video art scene that emerged in the late 1960s. Identifying with the transcendental hippy counter-culture of the day, Ariel joined the Bush Video group as a cameraperson and technician from early 1974 until the middle of 1975.

Built in Ghosts, Artist Collective

Artist collective working in various anonymous and interventionist guises during the 1980s. Infamously inserted video cut-ups at the end of rented movies from video rental stores on Oxford Stree Sydney, to be randomly viewed by audiences who hired the tape and made it all the way to the end of...

Go Watanabe, Artist

Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1975. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Owen Leong, Artist

Owen Leong was born in Sydney. He is a contemporary artist exploring identity, culture and transformation. Working with photography, sculpture, video and installation...

Aleksei Wrobel Abib, Artist

Title: Brasil Maravilha (1999)Duration:00:01:55 Featured in: 99 film | video | animation Synopsis: Alice encounters problems as she runs through the jungle of her absurd land, Wonder Brazil

AC-3P, Artist

 Who made you? ( 2003) Format: Quicktime animation Duration: 00:03:46 Featured in: SynCity

Judith Adam, Producer

Loop (Installation) Artists: Judith Adam, Kevin Boyce, Virginia Hilyard, Margie Medlin Format: Super 8

Adelaide Animation Group, Artist

 The power of K9P Duration: 00:05:00 Featured in: The Fourth Sydney Super 8 Film Festival Synopsis: Where do the little heelers peculiar powers emanate from?

Agitate, Artist

 Agitate Format: Super 8 Duration: 00:07:00 Featured in: L'eight No 4

Vernon Ah Kee, Artist

“Vernon Ah Kee was born in North Queensland and is of the Kuku Yalandji, Waanji, Yidindji and Gugu Yimithirr peoples. He has been living in Brisbane for over 12 years. His art is primarily a critique of Australian popular culture, specifically the black/white dichotomy.” – National Museum of Australia 

Zehra Ahmed, Artist

Zehra Ahmed is Sydney-born artist working mainly in New Media. Her artworks reflect her interest in political affairs, international equality and certain prejudicial attitudes of society.

Duke Albada, Artist

In 1997 Duke Albada graduated highly from the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy exhibiting two remarkable public art projects. After working many years as a (part-time) architect/designer in Sydney she is now a recognized site specific public- and installation artist. Duke’s public art is mainly interpretive site specific, and is conceived...

Celeste Juliet Aldahn, Artist

Celeste Juliet Aldahn’s studio practice is interdisciplinary, spanning performance, video, sculpture and drawing to investigate the interconnectivity of third wave feminism and new age spirituality, the ...