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The Aboriginal Invention of Television in Central Australia 1982-1986, Book

Eric Michaels' controversial book is published, arguing that the culture of the Central Australian Warlpiri people was "itself information, and [that] kinship structures are communication systems which bring certain people together, but exclude others protecting communications pathways and the value of the information they carry". Eric Michaels, The Aboriginal Invention of...

Mutant Media, Book

Essays on Cinema, Video Art and New Media Published by Artspace & Power Publications, 2008  Mutant Media gathers together a selection of John Conomos’ essays across the years, tracking the trajectory of his cinephilia since the 1960s, his ongoing interests in film criticism and theory, as well as his deep involvement in...

An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology, Book

Today almost every aspect of life for which data exists can be rendered as a network. Financial data, social networks, biological ecologies: all are visualized in links and nodes, lines connecting dots. A network visualization of a corporate infrastructure could look remarkably similar to that of...

At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet, Book

Networked collaborations of artists did not begin on the Internet. In this multidisciplinary look at the practice of art that takes place across a distance—geographical, temporal, or emotional—theorists and practitioners examine the ways that art, activism, and media fundamentally reconfigured each other in experimental networked...

Electronic Arts in Australia, Book

Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture vol. 8 no. 1 Electronic Arts in Australia Edited by Nicholas Zurbrugg Contents INTRODUCTION: Contemplating Electronic Arts PETER ANDERSON - Tim Gruchy: Electronic Media Art, Popular Culture and the Experimental Avant-Garde ARF ARF Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg ROS BANDT Technology in Australian Sound Installations: Three Recent Approaches