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ACAB Collective

ACAB attempt to rethink human actions and impulses: for instance, rather than attempting control over our environmental fate, the human hand could choose to act as a catalyst for change. An environmental crisis for one organism might be the next big break for another (as an asteroid was for the dinosaurs). Their practice uses material exploration to contextualise these changes and is an attempt towards a crucible for positive change. Through synthesis of accumulated materials and the play of light; our works aim to activate this change in perception.

ACAB collective is Zinzi Kennedy & Ben Johanson, both graduates from Monash University who are based in Melbourne. ACAB produce installations and sculptures that manipulate light whilst reinventing locally sourced materials. ACAB was recently showcased in SafARI Festival, Sydney and in the odradekAEAF, Adelaide. ACAB were awarded the People‚Äôs Choice Award as part of the Substation Art Prize in 2012; 2nd Place in Sculpture in the Vineyards 2014; and the Cooks River Alliance Small Sculpture Award as part of the Greenway Art Prize in 2015.

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