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Taped (1975)

Jill Scott

Taped (1975), 1/2” B&W,

Performance: Wall of a warehouse building on 9th St, San Francisco. Scott stands on a pair of tall ladders and is taped (using 2” masking tape) to the side of wall of a warehouse. She remains there until sunset.1

Stick Around (1976), 1/2”, b&w, mono sound, 15 mins.2 Video documentation of Taped (1975).3

Included in Taped, Boxed, Hung, Strung (1977); 3/4” U-matic, colour. Four performances documented on video. 

Taped (1988) – new performance of of the 1976 work at Frames of Reference: Aspects of Feminist Art, Pier 4/5, Walsh Bay, Sydney, 17 August, 1991, for ArtSpace. 

Taped (1976) shown at Performance Space Sin-E-Scope: Performance on Screen (24-28 May, 1994).

Netcast of video documentation of Taped, 15 October 1999.


1Scott, Characters of Motion, 1980, p.10

2Scott, Characters of Motion, 1980, p.69


Jill Scott
Jill Scott "Taped" to the wall of a warehouse building in San Francisco