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Bild-Lilli, Performance

Experimental electro-cabaret Bild-Lilli is the prequel to Knox's 2007 electro-cabaret Lapdog. It premiered in Melbourne, Australia in Malthouse Theatre’s Helium season in 2012 and was nominated for a Green Room Award for Innovation in Cabaret.

Brave New Works, Performance

ZIP Performing Group Mark Ross, Tim Gruchy, David Clarke and Anthony Patterson Exploring multimedia and performance in the analogue world 1984-86 Developed in Brisbane performed throughout Australia

2000 912 Mar  
Closing the Loop, Performance

Closing The Loop (CTL) was an international research and performance project examining how sound, technology and gameplay can conspire to promote collaboration and inventiveness across networks. The CTL 2000 project aimed at investigating the effectiveness of techniques for net based collaboration. CTL 2000 was divided into two distinct phases. The first...

CLOUT - Fine Fragments, Performance

CLOUT - Fine Fragments A 60 minute multimedia performance devised by Tim Gruchy Music : Tim Gruchy, Mark Louttit, Eugene Carchesio Performers : Tim Gruchy, Virginia Barratt, Eugene Carchesio Performed in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Cassette and VHS releases

2008 1720 Jan  
Mortal Engine, Performance

Sydney FestivalDrama Theatre, Sydney Opera HouseJanuary 17-20, 2008

One Ddub, Performance

Studio recording of a performance piece by Tim Gruchy.

Per Chance To Dream, Performance

A solo performance by Tim Gruchy developed and produced whilst artist in residence at the Experimental Arts Foundation in Adelaide. Combining music, movement and multivisuals it explores dreams and the lucid dreaming state. A pre-recorded stereo soundtrack is synchronised to 4 slide projectors in a careful combination of precisely registered...

1996 320 Oct  
Scanner - aka Robin Rimbaud - Tour, Talk

Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud is a London-based very nomadic sound artist, composer and DJ who works both as an individual artist and in collaboration with other musicians, choreographers, performance artists, writers and filmmakers.

The NEXUS Project, Performance

This project came about through long research and exploration of  form, content and medium. As we all know computer graphics and  intergrated interactive digital systems defy the boundaries and  very nature of all historical artforms.    The fundamental notion underpinning the work is that not only must  new artforms grow and develop, but that...

2005 20 May 5 Jun  
Version 1.0, Wages of Spin, Performance

20 May – 5 June, 2005

2005 20 May 5 Jun  
Version 1.0: Wages of Spin, Performance

20 May – 5 June, 2005 Performance Space Sydney 20-30 July, 2005 The Street Theatre, Canberra

Virogenesis, workshop/masterclass

Addressing the need for the cultural production and consumption of new media and emerging artforms ANAT managed a month cultural exchange project, Virogenesis. The project was the curatorial initiative of Francesca da Rimini. This viral collision of four irreverent and erudite cultural practitioners from the United Kingdom and...

Chunky Move, Performance

From the Chunky Movfe website: Founded by Artistic Director Gideon Obarzanek in 1995, Chunky Move has earned an enviable reputation for producing a distinct yet unpredictable brand of genre-defying dance performance. Chunky Move’s work constantly seeks to redefine what is or what can be contemporary dance within an ever-evolving Australian culture. The...

The Babel Project, Performance

This is a 5 minute edit of a 1 hour performance shown as a Creative Development at Performance Space, Sydney, Australia in June 2007. Company : Gravity Research Institute / G.R.I. Director: Alan SchacherVideo Artist : Sean BaconSound Artist : Rik RuePerformers : Ari Ehrlich, Victoria Hunt, Ruark Lewis, Phillip Mills, Katia...

In the event of Amnesia the city will recall…, Denis Beaubois, Video

In the event of Amnesia the city will recall explores the relationship between the individual and the metropolis. These works are not structured events for a traditional audience, they are questions proposed to the site. Open actions which rely on the surrounding dynamics to embellish them. The city as audience,...

Post Arrivalists, Performance

Performed at Performance Space in Sydney for the 9th Biennale of Sydney, 1993.

2001 30 Apr 9 Jun  
Urban Theatre Projects: Asylum, Performance

Video artist: Denis Beaubois Venue: vacant wallpaper shop, Lidcombe Performers: Nahro Saaid, Anna Nguyen, Angel Boudjbiha, Cyrus Sarang, Sepideh Fallah Director: Claudia Chidiac Dramaturgy:  John Baylis and Khoa Do Video Artist: Denis Beaubois Sound Artist: Rik Rue Lighting & Production Mgr:  Richard Montgomery Stage Manager:  Janine Peacock Audio Technician:  Ian Bowie Artistic Consultan: Deborah Pollard Community Liaison: Richard Lagarto   My name is...

Fragment, Kirsty Boyle, Performance

In a conscious departure to explore alternative robot morphologies, behaviours and aesthetics I began producing a work titled 'fragment'. The work is a series of modular robots handcrafted in a range of different materials. I have primarily presented this work as a process oriented performance via installation.

Tree ceremony, Kirsty Boyle, Performance

Tree ceremony 2010 is an intricate automata doll performance featuring the kimono clad robot Suki. Through dance, Suki honours the living Bonsai tree beside her, presenting a choreographed recital reminiscent of movements influenced by traditional Japanese dance. This work incorporates advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques with traditional automata craft practice which draws...

2010 530 May  
Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Lauren Brincat, Performance

In this performance, projection and installation, artist Lauren Brincat attempts to valiantly harness the power of the sun, reflecting its energy and warmth back towards the viewer. This double-act of reflection is performed using a crash cymbal from a drum kit. The artist uses the cymbal to...

1983 4 March  
Performance 2: Magazine, Performance

by Philip Brophy, Errol Gooding, Raph Kerle Video by Philip Brophy presented by Sydney Theatre Company Capitol Theatre, Sydney

1001 nights cast, Barbara Campbell, Performance

In her durational performance, 1001 nights cast, Barbara Campbell cast a story into the ether every night for 1001 nights from 21 June 2005 to 17 March 2008. Each story had been written for her during the day by a pool of (by the end) 243 writers...

Farewell to Meng Haoran at Yellow Crane Tower, Barbara Campbell, Performance

Performed by Barbara Campbell and Yu Bao Di, Minto, New South Wales, 2010, DVD, no sound Screened at: New Work Old Tricks, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney (30 April - 7 August, 2011)Curator: Susan Gibb Farewell to Meng Haoran at Yellow Crane Tower is a video document of a performance Campbell made...

1996 2 9 Mar  
Matinaze 96, Performance

Survey of Australian Screen Arts presented by Sydney Intermedsia Nework at the Art Gallery of NSW, Domain Theatre.