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Andrea Blundell

Andrea Blundell's qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Art (RMIT) a Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Art (VCA), and an Advanced Certificate IV 3D Modelling and Animation (AIE). She has been exhibiting since 1996, and was a member of Grey Area Art Space. Her work has focused on the subliminal operation of sites, on the occupants and their bodies, and now concentrates these ideas into the computer game environment at the selectparks media lab in Melbourne.

Blundell specialises in the design and animation of 3D characters for mulitplayer game communities, exploring ways players can immerse themselves further inside gaming worlds. Her work focuses on facilitating people‚Äôs need to be uniquely represented within virtual worlds, how in-game persona's are constructed, and allowing deeper exploration of gaining's social landscapes. Blundell is striving to enable rich populations of player characters with diverse cultural traits and nuances.