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ANAT LabCulture Residency


LabCulture was a week-long intensive residency program run by PVA, focusing on professional development, interdisciplinary practice, broadband and alternative means of distribution. Experienced media practitioners and facilitators work with residents, giving access to digital video, digital audio production, web development, interactivity and DVD authoring, developing concepts and supporting collaborative practice. 

PVA Media Lab works throughout the UK and internationally with the goal to: 1. Activate and support the research, production, and distribution of new art arising from interdisciplinary practice and the use of creative technologies and 2. To provide opportunities for artists and audiences to engage critically and creatively with this work. NSW based artist Sumugan Sivanesan was the recipient of ANAT's LabCulture placement.

LabCulture was supported by PVA MediaLab (Bridport), ArtSway (New Forest), Lighthouse (Brighton), Vivid (Birmingham), The Eden Project (Cornwall) and Watershed (Bristol). 

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