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1987 410 Sep  
The Second Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

1987 Australian Video Festival Co-ordinator: Sally Couacaud, Assistant Co-ordinator: Kate Goodnow

1991 830 Nov  
The Sixth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The sixth and last in the series of video festivals initiated and managed by the Electronic Media Arts (Australia) organisation.

1988 25 Aug 7 Sep  
The Third Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

The third Australian Video Festival was held at the Powerhouse Museum and included a program of video works from a wide range of local and international artists. The festival presented a retrospective of works by Bill Viola and a program of Scratch Video (cut-up style video collages) from the UK....

2012 413 May  
Tracey Moffatt MoMA Retrospective, Video and Film Screening

New York MoMA's Retrospective of Moffatt’s films and videos, offering a comprehensive look at her moving-image oeuvre. All works are from Australia and written and directed by Tracey Moffat. Organized by Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film. The exhibition was made possible by The International Council of The Museum of...

1997 14 Jun 9 Aug  
Tracey Moffatt: Free-Falling at Dia Centre for the Arts, One person exhibition

Press Release TRACEY MOFFATT: FREE-FALLING AT DIA CENTER FOR THE ARTS October 9, 1997-June 14, 1998 Sep 04, 1997

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97. Curated by Janet Merewether. Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video - Program, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97.Curated by Janet Merewether.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

2002 2628 Feb  
Trickster Masterclass in Video Jamming, workshop/masterclass

As part of the Adelaide Fringe 2002, ANAT co-ordinated the Trickster Masterclass in Video Jamming. The Trickster Masterclass was a professional development opportunity for Australian VJ artists to network and receive feedback about their work from guest tutor, VJ IKO from Portugal (leading video artist and software developer who...

1991 1620 Nov  
TV AvantGarde and New Video Japan., Screening

The Australian International Video Festival, 1991. Synya Katho Artist's Presentation at Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW, Sat 16 Nov, 2.30pm

U-matic Video Tape Released, Technical Innovation

U-matic tape format released by Sony, JVC, Panasonic and other companies. Also known as Type E Helical Scan.

UBU and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op - Take 2 AFI Cinema, screening program

Screening program highlighting the work of the UBU film group and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network.  

2004 30 September  
Ulf Langheinrich - Artist Talk, Talk

Ulf Langheinrich (Austria) made a special visit to Adelaide to present local audiences with an introduction to Granular Synthesis.

2005 20 May 5 Jun  
Version 1.0, Wages of Spin, Performance

20 May – 5 June, 2005

2005 20 May 5 Jun  
Version 1.0: Wages of Spin, Performance

20 May – 5 June, 2005 Performance Space Sydney 20-30 July, 2005 The Street Theatre, Canberra

VHS Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

JVC/Panasonic release the VHS cassette tape format aimed squarely at the domestic market. Originally dubbed the Video Home System, the VHS system as it became known, is a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

Video 8 Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

The 8mm video format was developed by Sony during the 1980s, to compete with other domestic video tape recording systems of the time (such as VHS-C and Betamax). The analogue video format was improved by successor Hi8 (analog video and analog audio but with provision for digital audio), and was...

1991 20 Apr12 May  
Video In Australia, Group Exhibition

20/04/1991 - 05/05/1991 Video Positive '91 Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool, UK Video In Australia: Installations / Performance /Electric Images Brian Langer

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Video Tapes at Inhibodress, Group Exhibition

Over two evenings in late 1971, Mike Parr and Peter Kennedy presented 80 minutes of video tapes they had made over the previous months. These were recordings of performances of "art by instruction" in which the artist went about performing a task that may have put them under extreme pressure...

2010 317 Nov  
Video Void: Australian Video Art, Screening

In Australia there is a significant lack of knowledge regarding early Australian video artworks and an audience faces substantial difficulties in accessing these works and tracing the history and leitmotifs that connect them. American theorist Fredric Jameson described this as the ‘disappearance of history’ — the way in which our...

Virogenesis, workshop/masterclass

Addressing the need for the cultural production and consumption of new media and emerging artforms ANAT managed a month cultural exchange project, Virogenesis. The project was the curatorial initiative of Francesca da Rimini. This viral collision of four irreverent and erudite cultural practitioners from the United Kingdom and...