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Corrida - Logique de la Perception, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

With Fabienne de Quasa Riera and Shusaku Takauchi.

Diadrama, Performance

With Theo Botschuijver.

Emergences of Continuous Forms, Jeffrey Shaw, Installation

With Tjebbe van Tijen.

Kinetic Light and Mirror Sculpture, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

With Theo Botschuijver.

Laser Installation and Performances, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

With Theo Botschuijver

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

With Theo Botschuijver. Produced for the Genesis wourld tour, 1975.

Waterquake, Jeffrey Shaw, Performance

In Waterquake long lengths of tubing were dropped into a canal and then slowly inflated with air and smoke. The tubing emerged from the water, filling the canal and then spilling over into the surrounding streets. The spectators pulled and knotted these tubes into various...

2012 14 Sep13 Oct  
Crisis Complex, Group Exhibition

Crisis Complex drew on a global network of artists to address our collective anxieties in an era marked by ecotastraphes, geopolitical antagonism, civic unrest, social fragmentation, and fiscal malaise. Entering the twenty-teens, humans negotiating uncertain futures during a period of spiritual scepticism and political mistrust are nevertheless engaged in a...

1993 9 September  
Animated Moments, Exhibition

An evening of short films by Janet Merewether and Kathy Smith.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network's Film and Video Society.

1993 9 November  
animated moments, Exhibition

Retrospective screening of short animated films by Kathy Smith and Janet Merewether. Held at the AFI Cinema in Sydney

2011 5 May 7 Oct  
Anne Landa Award: Unguided Tours, Group Exhibition

“Where to?” From a plane trip half-way round the globe, to a poetic walk through suburban backstreets, to a virtual voyage through a digitally constructed world, the 2011 Anne Landa Award offers a series of ‘unguided tours’ through some rich imaginative territory. Using video, computer animation, kinetic sculpture and even an...

1991 July  
1991 Winter School, workshop/masterclass

In July 1991, ANAT held the first of its Winter Schools in Computer Aided Art, Design and Manufacture.

1997, Exhibition was a survey of Australian new media art assisted by the Australian Film Commission's marketing department.

FutureScreen Plaything, various

Plaything was a major international event focusing on current and future trends in the field of digital games and featured key Australian and international game designers, theorists and artists. The symposium, exhibition and catalogue provided platforms for discussion, play and critical discourse, bringing together people that develop, analyse and play...

FutureScreen Plaything Exhibition, Exhibition

Plaything showcased the work of international and Australian artists who explore the language and structure of digital games. As the gaming industry proliferates, many artists are incorporating various types of gameplay into their practice resulting in new hybrid forms.

2013 23 May15 Jun  
Incompatible elements: version 02, Exhibition

Incompatible Elements: version 02 re-presents the relationship between nature and culture by reconfiguring land as active rather than neutral, verbal rather than mute, and therefore able to comment directly on the impacts of climate change. Building on the long tradition of artists combining text and image...