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Synchresis, Screening

Michael Chion defined the term Synchresis to mean “the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time.”

2010 4 December2011 30 Jan  
The Ghost Show, Group Exhibition

The selected group of artists all undertook onsite residencies and were introduced to the story of Ben and Hazel Broadhurst, the couple who built the cottage and lived there until their deaths. Their generous property bequest to Sutherland Shire Council led to the birth of Hazelhurst...

1980 22 May 8 Jun  
Project 30: Some Recent Australian Videotapes, Group Exhibition

Organised for tour of North America by Stephen Jones and Bernice Murphy for the Australian Gallery Directors Council, Sydney, 1979; presented at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Create_Space New Media Lab, workshop/masterclass

In 2005 ANAT partnered with the City of Melbourne’s Art House program and held the ANAT New Media Lab 2005 Create_Space at the newly refurbished Meat Market in North Melbourne.

2001 21 Sep17 Nov  
David Noonan & Simon Trevaks, Exhibition

Presented at the Istanbul Biennal Egofugal:Fugue from Ego for the Next Emergence Curator: Yuko Hasegawa

David Noonan: M5, One person exhibition

David Noonan exhibition Gertrude Street Studios, Melbourne

2007 10 Jun21 Nov  
Susan Norrie, Daniel von Sturmer, Venice Bienalle, Group Exhibition

Venice Biennale 2007 Susan Norrie and Daniel von Sturmer Daniel von Sturmer (2007) 52nd International Art Exhibition 10 June - 21 November 2007

2002 16 Aug 1 Dec  
Undertow, Susan Norrie, One person exhibition

Undertow is that subterranean pull of the unconscious, ominous with premonition. Used as the title of Susan Norrie’s major work for the epic spaces of ACCA’s commission hall, it suggests the hidden terrors and delights of a world in environmental flux.

2004 6 Feb 7 Mar  
The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay, Group Exhibition

The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay Adam Geczy & Mike Parr Art Gallery of New South Wales.

2014 22 Feb 6 Oct  
Trace: Performance and its Documents, Group Exhibition

Trace: Performance and its Documents was an exhibition that drew on relationships between performance and its documents, bringing together new commissions with historical and contemporary works from across the Gallery’s Collection. The exhibition includes works by John Baldessari; Barbara Cleveland; Rebecca Horn; Bruce Nauman, Mike Parr; Campbell Patterson; Qin Ga;...

1987 7 September  
AVF '87 - Video Art Awards entries, Video Festival

[2nd AVF catalogue, p.84] VIDEO ART Simon Biggs - Le Desir (Prisoners)Addresses notions of difference (sexual, psychological) suspending distinctions through a poetic and associative approach to the media. Mark Boswell - How to Prevent Scurvy with LimesA social study shot in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

2009 12 Sep11 Oct  
David Perry Retrospective, One person exhibition

Then and now and everything in between: The art of David Perry includes: painting, drawing, photography, film and video Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney opened by Keith Looby Film making and the art of David Perry: lecture by Albie Thoms

1976 912 Aug  
Films and Videotapes by David Perry, Film and Video Exhibition

Towards the end of his residency at Griffith Artworks David Perry presented two evenings of his works at the IMA, Brisbane. On the evening of the 9th, as well as showing early films, he showed: Utopian Memory Banks present Fragments from the Past, Interior with Views, andNear Redland Bay, 1975/76 and gave a...

MAAP 2002, Exhibition

MAAP 2002 (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific), previously staged in Brisbane, was held in Asia for the first time.

2005 1930 Oct  
Nerve 9, Performance

Premier Season Nerve 9: the Flesh of Everyday Speech A dance score in 9 movements Dance & Direction Tess de Quincey Visual & Sonic Poetry Amanda Stewart Audio Visual Sequencing Debra Petrovitch

2005 21 Jul19 Aug  
The Anita Project 3, One person exhibition

The Anita Project is based on research into the murder of Anita Cobby in Australia in 1986, and the impact her death had on society. At the age of 26 years old, Anita Cobby was robbed, raped and brutally murdered in Western Sydney, which provoked fierce public outrage never before...

1995 928 Jan  
1995 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

ANAT's 1995 Summer School was staged at the Academy for the Arts, Queensland University of Technology.

2000 7 Aug30 Sep  
Swell, One person exhibition

3 channel DVD video installation 4 minute loop, Artspace Patricia Piccinini  2000