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1991 7 Aug15 Sep  
Australian Perspecta 1991, Group Exhibition

Survey of recent Australian contemporary art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Exit, Group Exhibition

International exhibition of film and videoCo-curator: Victoria LynnAustralian artists: Peter Callas, Destiny Deacon, Michael Riley, John Gillies, Lin Li

2001 18 Aug21 Oct  
Space Odysseys: Sensation & Immersion, Group Exhibiton

Art Gallery of New South Wales Artists included: Luc Courchesne, David Haines & Joyce Hinterding, Gary Hill, Làszlo Moholy-Nagy, Mariko Mori, Bruce Nauman, James Turrell and Lynette Wallworth

1992 5 Nov 4 Dec  
Strangers in Paradise: Contemporary Australian art to Korea, Group Exhibition

Curated by Victoria Lynn for the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

The Performing Body, Group Exhibition

Curated by Victoria Lynn Artist included: Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuys, Gunter Brus, Chris Burden, Valie Export, Gilbert and George, Joan Jonas, Ana Mendieta, Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley, Otto Muehl, Dennis Oppenheim, Mike Parr, Jackson Pollock, Jill Scott, Irm and Ed Sommer,...

2010 5 Sep 7 Dec  
The Trickster, Group Exhibition

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea This exhibition of video art included the work of Tony Albert (Aust), Phil Collins (UK), Cao Fei (China), Yiyun Kang (Korea), Chosil Kil (Korea), Donghee Koo (Korea), Gabriella and Silvana Mangano (Aust), TV Moore (Aust), Pushpamala N (India), Yongseok Oh (Korea), Jooyeon Park (Korea), Lisa...

1999 7 Oct 7 Nov  
Voiceovers, Group Exhibition

Voiceovers: The 5th Guinness Contemporary Art Project curated by Victoria Lynn Lin Li (Aust) Nalini Malani (India) Mariko Mori (Japan) Shirin Neshat (Iran/USA)

Roger Malina and Carl Loeffler Tour, Talk

During 1990 ANAT coordinated an Australian tour by two of the key figures in the international art and technology community, Roger Malina (Editor, Leonardo magazine) and Carl Loeffler (Executive Director, Art Com), both from San Francisco. Carl and Roger visited Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Ballarat and Sydney. They presented...

2002 1319 Jun  
d>art02, Video and Film Screening

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsCurator: Leah Grycewicz  d>ART02  LAUNCHMuseum of Contemporary Art 140 George St, The RocksThursday 13th June 6-9pm OPEN Friday 14th + Saturday 15th 10am - 5pm

Macrophonics, Performance

Macrophonics is a mediatized performance ensemble founded in 2011 and led by Julian Knowles and Donna Hewitt.  Macrophonics navigates the interface between humans and machines in performance – from sensor based microphones and wearable performance interfaces, to autonomous robots, live tape manipulation, gesture controlled light environments,...

1997 29 Oct 4 Nov  
Body of Information, screening program

ANAT were invited to present a program of Australian video and new media artworks at Gallery Connexion in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Body Of Information was an eclectic selection of work, which interrogated a range of issues faced by Australian artists; exploring identity, critiquing the decentred subject, interrogating heritage, tearing up...

Deep Immersion: Creative Collaboration, Residency

In 1997 ANAT with support from the Australia Council, activated the deep immersion project with a series of online residencies 'deep immersion: creative collaborations'.

1996 24 September  
Interactive Nation, Talk

A talk at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London discussing the works of the following artists: Patricia Piccinini John TonkinIsobelle DelmotteLloyd SharpMartine CoromptMichael GrimmGashgirlVideo Subvertigo ANAT Director, Amanda McDonald Crowley presented a selection of Australian artists work as part of the Deep Screen Diving program of the ICA organised by Lisa Haskell. According...

Semaphor3, Rory McKay, Performance

Semaphor3 is a collaboration between Rory McKay on projections, Anatole on music and sound, and Sara Weir, dancing. Semaphor3 takes all its individual elements and pushes them further into a transfixing, hypnotic audio-visual show. Semaphor3 is an experiment in blending mediums and collaborating to create a kaleidoscopic sensory experience.  Projections...

2010 1229 May  
Natural History, One person exhibition

Gallery 9 Dalinghurst NSW

2013 7 Jun20 Jul  
Running the City, Exhibition

Presented by the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) and ISEA2013, Running the City was an experimental, interactive exhibition in which artists deployed a range of electronic media and tactics to both map and move throughout the city. Connecting with the ISEA2013 theme – Resistance is Futile –...

2013 16 Jun28 Jul  
Anne Landa Award: The Space Between Us, Exhibition

The biennial Anne Landa Award was established in 2004 to honour a former Art Gallery of NSW trustee and enthusiastic supporter of the arts. This 2013 exhibition (the fifth) explored performance as a force in contemporary art through the nexus of new technologies.

Deep Immersion: Theology, Talk

ANAT has always explored the interdisciplinary nature of art, science and technology within political, cultural and social frameworks.

2012 4 Oct 2 Dec  
PRIMAVERA 2012, Group Exhibition

Primavera is an annual exhibition for Australian artists aged 35 years and under. The 2012 exhibition was curated by Anna Davis and included artists Todd McMillan, Benjamin Forster, Kate Mitchell, Dion Beasley, Teho Ropeyarn, Justine Varga.  

1999 8 Apr14 May  
Lip, One person exhibition

Tracey Moffatt: Lip solo show (with Gary Hilberg) Rosly Oxley9 Gallery