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1975 28 Aug28 Sep  
Performance, Documents, Film, Video, Film and Video Exhibition

As part of the season Arts Victoria 75, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) ran an exhibition of post-object artworks called Performance, Documents, Film, Video, curated by Geoff Burke and Jennifer Phipps.

Alternative Realities, Exhibition

Alternative realities: Australia Artists Working with Technology Peter Callas, Moira Corby, Ross Harley, Rosemary Laing, Patricia Piccinini Curated by Rachel Kent Ian Potter Gallery, June 15-July 28, 1995 Alternative realities was a touring exhibition organised by the University of Melbourne Museum of Art and the Asialink Centre, supported by the Visual Arts/Craft Board of the Australia Council, and...

2012 3 Aug 4 Nov  
National New Media Art Award 2012, Exhibition

The biennial award program comprises the $75 000 New Media Art Award and exhibition of shortlisted artists; as well as the $25 000 Queensland New Media Scholarship for an emerging Queensland-based artist. The Award and exhibition showcase the work of leading Australian new media artists. The award-winning work is acquired for the Queensland...

2012 1 August  
National New Media Art Award 2012 – Artist panel discussion, Talk

A panel of the National New Media Art Award 2012. Shortlisted artists talk about their works on display and discuss contemporary new media art. Chaired by Peter McKay, Curator, Contemporary Australian Art & Amanda Slack-Smith, Assistant Curator, Australian Cinémathèque, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.

Synapse 6: Dr George Poonkhin Khut and The Childrens Hospital at Westmead, Residency

The Synapse initiative supports creative partnerships between scientists and artists through the residency program, a database of international art/science collaborations, an archived discussion list and the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage program, which supports longer-term partnerships between artists and scientists in academic research settings. Dr George Poonkhin Khut + Kids...

2002 130 Nov  
Cerebellum, Group Exhibition

Performance Space, Sydney Curator: Gary Carsley Artists: Charles Atlas, The Kingpins, Raw Sewage, Monika Tichacek

2003 17 Sep30 Nov  
Primavera 2003, Group Exhibition

Primavera: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists is an annual MCA exhibition which showcases the work of Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Primavera 2003 responded to the theme of new media technologies. Curated by Julianne Pierce, Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), it explores...

1991 16 November  
The Open Channels Program and Famous for 30 Seconds, Screening

The Australian International Video Festival, 1991. [This entry is edited from the AIVF '91 catalogue entry and program notes. - SJ]

1990 18 May  
Fill, Performance

by Derek Kreckler Made for the 8th Biennale of Sydney: The Readymade Boomerang. Curator: René Bloch

Australische Videos, Screening

Curators: Knut Gerwers & Brian Langer8 Kasseler Dokumentar Film und Videofest, Kassel, Germany 1991Artists: Jane Parkes, Jill Scott, Peter Callas, Mark Elliot, Tony Kastantos, Ron Saunders & Pamela Williams, Gregory Ferris, John McCormack, John Gillies

Telling Stories, Scanners of Memory, Screening

Curator: Brian LangerVideo Positive ’93, Unity Theatre, Newcastle UK

1989 323 Oct  
The Fourth Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

Curated by Brian Langer, the fourth video festival was entitled Videoforms: Passages in Identity.

1999 29 May11 Jul  
The Liquid Medium: Video Art, Group Exhibition

Group exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. There is a certain behaviour of the electronic image that is unique . . . It's liquid, it's shapeable, it's clay, it's an art material, it exists independently.  

1986 January  
Video/Culture, Group Exhibition

A travelling exhibition drawn from video works shown within the Australian Video Festival 1986. Project co-ordinator: Brian Langer Catalogue Design: Eddy Jokovich Introduction 

2009 17 May19 Jul  
Anne Landa Award: Double Take, Group Exhibition

Art Gallery of New South Wales Curated by Victoria Lynn Artists: Phil Collins (UK), Cao Fei (People's Republic of China), Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (Australia), TV Moore (Australia), Lisa Reihana (New Zealand), Mari Velonaki (Australia)