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Face to Face: Portraiture in the Digital Age, Exhibition

A National touring program curated by Dr. Kathy Cleland exploring new forms of portraiture that incorporate a variety of different technologies from digital prints to single channel digital video and interactive installations. How have new media and digital technologies changed the way we think about portraiture, identity and faces? What new...

2011 18 September  
Signs of Life: Human-Robot Intersubjectivities, Festival

Panel presented at ISEA2011 - the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Istanbul, Turkey.

2011 19 September  
Signs of Life: Robot Incubator - An Afternoon with the Robots, workshop/masterclass

Workshop presented at ISEA2011 - the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Istanbul, Turkey. Curated by Kathy Cleland, presenting works by Mari Velonaki, John Tonkin and Kristy Boyle.

1992 January  
1992 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

ANAT's fourth National Summer School was held at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for four weeks during January 1992.

1995 2 5 Jul  
AIMIA Conference, Exhibition

ANAT coordinated a program/exhibition of screen-based new media work for the The Australasian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA) conference, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre  2 – 5 July 1995.

Aura, Exhibition

A lyrical and meditative 12-minute autobiographical / landscape video installation. 

1997 9 Jul 2 Aug  
Autumn Song, One person exhibition

John Conomos's autobiographical performance about his childhood in a milk bar at Tempe and his ancestral forbearers from the Greek Island of Kythera.

2001 1519 Jun  
D>Art 01 Film Video Animation, Screening

Radical, innovative, challenging, unexpected short works from all corners of the globe.

2007 13 October2008 1 Mar  
The Leisure Class, Group Exhibition

Conspicuous leisure, conspicuous consumption, conspicuous waste; this exhibition and film program draws its name from economist Thorstein Veblen’s celebrated monograph, The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899). In the social and economic system Veblen described, goods, production, and leisure activities are extreme distortions of individual physical, social and...

1989 8 December1990 2 Apr  
Satellite Cultures, Group Exhibition

Group show of Australian video art at the New Museum in New York.

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibition

curated by Sally Couacaud Ars Electronica, Linz

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibiton

Exhibition curated by Sally Coaucaud for Ars Electronica 1989, Linz, Austria.

2007 25 Aug23 Sep  
Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts, Group Exhibition

Escape into Experimenta Playground, an exhibition of art that begs to be touched and invites your interaction. interactive artworks :: video installations :: short films :: extreme art on screen Experience some of the most innovative and playful artworks by Australian and international artists. With interactive artworks, video installations, short films and...

Experimenta: Vanishing Point, Group Exhibition

Step through the looking glass into Experimenta Vanishing Point, an exhibition that will have you second-guessing your way through a forest of new media artworks. Inspired by twisted realities from Alice’s Wonderland to Being John Malkovich, Experimenta Vanishing Point beckons you into a world...

2002 14 May 6 Jul  
Time Slice, One person exhibition

Solo exhibition by Daniel Crooks at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Gallery 2.

1991 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

The Third National Summer School in Computer Aided Art, Design and Manufacture (CAADM) for artists, craftworkers and designers was held at the Advanced Technology Education Centre, Regency College of TAFE for four weeks during January 1991.

2011 September  
UNCONTAINABLE: The World is Everything That is The Case, Exhibition

This exhibition presented at ISEA2011 in Istanbul, explored the migratory nature of artistic practice to act as a global mediation between the aesthetics of trade along the peregrine, wandering routes that lead towards meaning. CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: 
Karen Casey, Mark Cypher, Tina Gonsalves, Mark Guglielmetti, Nigel Helyer & Mitchell Whitelaw CURATORIATE:...

Code Red, workshop/masterclass

CODE RED continued an ongoing international artists project which ANAT began in 1995 with Virogenesist, curated by Francesca da Rimini.


ANAT were invited to present the FOLDBACK website as part of  ISEA98 - Terror, the Manchester manifestation of the ISEA98 Symposium.