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ReelDance Festival, Video and Film Screening

Established by the One Extra Company in 1999, ReelDance began as a response to the growth in dance screen work being made in dance arenas overseas, and the need to foster a burgeoning field of practice in Australia.  Under the guidance of founding director Erin Brannigan we...

1985 19 Jun14 Jul  
Scanlight: New Developments in Video Art, Video Festival

In 1985 the video scene in Sydney had reached a point where there were enough people making video works - whether art, documentary, video music or computer graphic - to begin to make it important and possible to have a collective show of recent works.

1985 28 Aug14 Sep  
Stranger Companion, Joan Brassil, One person exhibition

One-person exhibition by Joan Brassil at Rosyln Oxley9 Gallery.

1982 422 Oct  
Stranger in the Landscape, Joan Brassil, One person exhibition

Joan Brassil, Stranger in the Landscape exhibition at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

Edgewood Estate, Kurt Brereton, Film and Video Exhibition

"This is a performance drawing animation that includes the artist as a player. You witness the development of the artwork – every step becomes a frame. This work is about the art-making process, about the ecological time and the built environment. On a political level, the work shows the loss...

2015 13 March2017 5 Mar  
Scanlines touring survey exhibition - dLux MediaArts, Group Exhibition

Tour Dates: 13 Feb - 5 Apr 2015 - Artspace McKay 6 Jun - 18 Jul 2015 - Tamworth Regional Gallery 27 July - 12 Sep 2015 - Western Plains Cultural Centre 21 Sep - 31 Oct 2015 - Grace Cossington Smith Gallery 16 Nov 2015 - 25 Jan 2016 - Riddoch Gallery 26 Feb -...

2009 722 Aug  
2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Group Exhibition

The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, valued at $60,000, provides financial assistance for a visual artist at the start of their career to undertake a one to two year program of study or training overseas.

2012 21 Apr22 Jul  
Contemporary Australia: Women, Group Exhibition

‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ — the second in the Gallery’s Contemporary Australia exhibition series — celebrates the diversity, energy and innovation of contemporary women artists working in this country today.

2012 23 March2013 19 May  
2010 530 May  
Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Lauren Brincat, Performance

In this performance, projection and installation, artist Lauren Brincat attempts to valiantly harness the power of the sun, reflecting its energy and warmth back towards the viewer. This double-act of reflection is performed using a crash cymbal from a drum kit. The artist uses the cymbal to...

2004 14 Feb18 Apr  
Fluorescent, One person exhibition

The first formulation of Fluorescent is a 3-screen synchronized DVD with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales' Contemporary Art Projects in 2004. Taking the hyperbolic performative aspects of the narcissistic video-clip, this gallery presentation creates a mega-widescreen stage from which the audience is centred and...

1983 4 March  
Performance 2: Magazine, Performance

by Philip Brophy, Errol Gooding, Raph Kerle Video by Philip Brophy presented by Sydney Theatre Company Capitol Theatre, Sydney

2010 28 Aug 8 Nov  
Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award 2010, Exhibition

The Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award is Australia’s most significant prize for new media art. Seven artists and collaborations were short-listed for the biennial acquisitive award: Philip Brophy (VIC), Nigel Helyer (NSW), Chris Howlett (QLD), Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine (VIC), Wade Marynowsky (NSW), Soda_Jerk (NSW) and Lynette Wallworth (NSW). 

201231 Dec  
Sense of Place, Film and Video Exhibition

Sense of Place is a new annual screening program of contemporary Australian video art, featuring the work of 8 artists unified by their investigation of cultural identity.

Deep Immersion: Regional Realities, Residency

As part of the deep immersion program of residencies and events, ANAT and Melbourne-based Asialink have initiated a new media residency in Asia.

1994 16 December1995 29 Jan  
An Eccentric Orbit: Video Art in Australia (Tour), screening program

Exhibition of Australian video art travelling to: 1994 Scene Nationale Les Plateaux, Angouleme, France Espace Lyonnais d'art  Contemporain, Lyon, France Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada            Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, New York, USA 1995

1983 121 Dec  
Kiru Umi No Yoni, One person exhibition

Peter Callas, Kiru Umi No Yoni (Cutting like the ocean), video installation, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

1986 1 Dec  
Peter Callas Marui Dept. Store Residency in Tokyo, Residency

Peter Callas takes up position as video artist in residence at the Marui Koendori Television/Ring World, in Tokyo, Japan. This is a seminal moment for Callas, and marks the start of a new approach to the making of video art works for a variety of contexts.

Peter Callas – The Invisible Histories of the Present, Exhibition

Retrospective Pixel Gallery and Piros-Fekete Gallery, Millenáris Park, Budapest, Hungary (2006) Tamás Waliczky: On Peter Callas, in Three Acts

Peter Callas: anti-terrain, Exhibition

Asialink Touring Program to Malaysia, India, China & Korea: videos and prints, 2002-03.Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2002); “Multimedia Art Asia-Pacific”, Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China (2002); National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, India (2002), “JIFF MIND”, Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeongu, Korea (2003) The first comprehensive...

1992 8 9 Feb  
Subtopian Zones: Visions of the Virtual Body, screening program

Video & Television Festival ’92, Spiral Hall, Tokyo 1992 Curator: Peter Callas Australian Artists: John Gillies & the Sydney Front, Jill Scott, Micheal Hill, Simon Biggs

1001 nights cast, Barbara Campbell, Performance

In her durational performance, 1001 nights cast, Barbara Campbell cast a story into the ether every night for 1001 nights from 21 June 2005 to 17 March 2008. Each story had been written for her during the day by a pool of (by the end) 243 writers...