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Brenda L Croft, Curator

Gurindji photographer and curator, Brenda L Croft was born in 1964 in Perth, Western Australia. In 1985 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) from the Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney, and in 1995 she was awarded her Masters of Art Administration, from the College of Fine...

Sarah CrowEST, Artist

The exploration of alternative identities in contemporary art is well worn ground, especially within video art, yet few have achieved the surreal delirium of the work of the artist Sarah CrowEST.

Stephen Cummins

Stephen Cummins was an Australian filmmaker, curator and artist active during the 1980s and early 1990s. A founder-member of Queer Screen, Cummins' work was an early contribution to Queer Theory and cinema studies and a number of his works, particularly in Super 8, are considered historically...

Robert Curgenven, Artist

Robert Curgenven (1974) is an Australian composer/sound artist living in Cornwall. His work spans immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, instrumental harmonics and guitar feedback, through to carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas where he lived for many years.

Frances D ath, Artist

Frances has made the performances monadologie, hell, temperance, and extermination in Melbourne, all the people i can remember sleeping with…, pestilence, and crush in Adelaide, apocalypse prd, bitches, and carnivore in Guangzhou, China and other works for stage and film in Australia, Taiwan, and Europe. Frances has had residencies at...

Hugh Davies, Artist

Trained in Fine Art and multimedia interaction, Hugh Davies creates a range of work crossing over sculpture, installation, performance and photography. In 2002, Hugh conceived Analogue Art Map with Marcus Helm. Combining Psycho-geography, DIY and relational aesthetics, Analogue Art Map is an amorphous arts media group exploring mapping and...