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Ella Condon, Artist

Ella Condon works within expanded and experimental forms from photography, video and installation to extend upon notions of light and time. The works reflect upon the evolution, degradation, and reformation of light though still, moving image and sound media. Materiality is central to the work and how...

Justine Cooper, Artist

Born in Sydney, Australia and currently residing in New York, interdisciplinary artist Justine Cooper’s artwork investigates the intersections between culture, science and medicine. She moves between many forms of media - animation, video, installation, photography, as well as medical imaging technologies such as MRI, DNA sequencing, Ultrasound and SEM (scanning...

Sally Couacaud, Curator

Sally Couacaud is a curator, project manager, and former director of Artspace in Sydney. She was the inaugural Director of the Australian International Video Festival, and was one of the first curators in Australia to focus her critical attention on video and other forms of electronic media art.

Panos Couros, Artist

Born in Adelaide in 1960, Panos Couros is a sound artist/designer and arts manager who has lived in Sydney and Brisbane.

David Cranswick, Author

David Cranswick was appointed Director of dLux media arts in March 2003. Prior to this appointment worked both as a Curator and artist in Western Sydney for over ten years. He was Curator of the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Liverpool (NSW) from 1998 - 2003. In this time he was...