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Rhys Votano, Artist

Born in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia, Rhys Votano is a filmmaker and visual artist.

Nicola Walkerden, Artist

Nikki Walkerden creates performance-film works as cinematic situations; writing, directing, filming and performing to explore how moving and mental images travel between the body and situation as an experience. Most recently completing a Master of Fine Arts at SCA, she graduated from a Master of Film and Digital Image at...

Linda Wallace, Artist

In lovehotel [2000] Linda Wallace produced one of the most influential and widely-seen Australian video works of the past 20 years. A fragmented narrative featuring the streets of Tokyo and New York, flowers, faces, bodies, multiple layers of imagery and text, lovehotel tells of a feminine ghost intelligence wandering through the spaces...

Lynette Wallworth, Artist

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose practice spans video installation, photography and film. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1961, she has worked extensively internationally, and her works have featured in numerous festivals and exhibitions.

Craig Walsh, Artist

Craig Walsh was born in Orange in 1966, lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He is primarily interested in hybrid and site-specific projects and the exploration of alternative contexts for contemporary art. He often utilises projection in response to existing environments and landscapes. He has worked across a range of...

Meredith Walsh, Artist

Meredith Walsh has been exploring the distinction between art, philosophy and science over a number of years through a strongly theoretically informed creative practice. She has been resident at a number of laboratories, including SymbioticA, and the CSIRO. In 2010 she was the recipient of the ANAT (Australian Network...

Jude Walton, Artist

Melbourne based dance and performance artist Jude Walton works across film, visual art and performance, making installations, books, and time-based interventions/situations. As an ensemble of works they generate a poetics of ephemeral practice concerned with bodies, in place/s and time/s stretching over the past twenty years. Jude teaches theory and studio...

Gary Warner, Artist

Gary Warner is an artist, photographer, writer, curator, musician and media producer who was born in Brisbane, Queensland in 1957. His work across various visual media demonstrates Warner’s continuing fascinations with natural and man-made phenomena ranging from nature, cities, human interactions and Eastern and Western philosophies. Warner showed a precocious talent...

Matt Warren, Artist

Born in Burnie, Tasmania, Matt Warren moved to Hobart in 1991 to study visual art at University of Tasmania's Centre for the Arts, emerging in 1995 with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Graduate Diploma in Art Craft & Design. Working primarily in time-based media, Matt creates installations, single channel video, audio...

Douglas Watkin, Artist

Douglas Watkin was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland. His filmmaking career began by working in television (SBS Network 1995) doing small news reports and producing various government corporate videos.