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Selina Springett, Artist

Selina Springett is an early career artist, researcher and current creative practice PhD candidate at Macquarie University. Her work explores ways of representing environmental and social issues through mostly sound based installations, community radio and public art works.

Pip Stafford, Artist

Pip Stafford is a media artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. She is primarily interested in communications, ritual and networks. Her work can be seen in the form of installation, sculpture, video, sound works, printed matter and online. She has shown work at Contemporary Art Tasmania,...

Richard Stanford, Artist

Richard Stanford is a science visual information consultant, with extensive experience in the new media, design, illustration and science publishing. He has a PhD in new media and cross- disciplinary studies between science and art from UNSW. in 2003, Richard was awarded the HC Coombes Fellowship at ANU. In 2010,...

Lou Steer, Artist

Known for her bold, minimal forms and witty images, Lou Steer’s work celebrates the Australian environment by using found objects with industrial materials and techniques to reflect natural forms, capturing light and space, with an element of surprise.

Grant Stevens, Artist

The key to Grant Stevens work is what’s left out. Through a series of videos and installations the artist has examined the interplay between text and the spoken word, looking at the complexity of context, association and montage, while leaving a space in which the viewer may bring their own...

Jesse Stevens, Artist

Jesse is a Melbourne based media artist, techologists and desingers. He collborates with Dean Petersen under the banner of Cake Industries. Together they ecourage and exlpore the priciples of eco design, community, and the endless possibilities of open source and future technologies. 

Grant Stewart, Artist

Grant Stewart’s practice examines how perceptions of beauty in art are linked with evolutionary displays of highly developed human skill and achievement. Working across robotics, new media, and traditional materials he explores what we find instinctively beautiful from an evolutionary perspective. Stewart is a graduate of the College of Fine...