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Justin Shoulder, Artist

Justin Shoulder is an artist working in performance, sculpture, video and nightlife/community events production. His main body of work the 'Fantastic Creatures’ are invented alter-personas based on queered ancestral mythologies. These creatures are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. Shoulder uses his...

Cara- Ann Simpson, Artist

Cara-Ann Simpson is a sound installation artist based in Melbourne Australia. Cara-Ann’s work explores perceptions of sound in society, interaction and new technologies.Cara-Ann regularly collaborates with engineers, technology experts, artists and scientists.

Hellen Sky, Artist

Hellen Sky is an Australian digital choreographer / performer / director / writer. Her inter-disciplinary work bridges dance, performance, theatre, and installation extended through new technologies. She collaborates with artists, scientists, performers, composers, academics, designers, writers, architects, interface designers and programmers to develop scores and technology systems that often use...

Kathy Smith, Artist

Kathy Smith is an Australian artist who has been working with animation, painting, installation, and sound since 1982. Her early works posted here were exhibited with the former Sydney Super-8 Film Group, now dLux Media Arts.

Sam Smith, Artist

Sam Smith is a video and installation artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. At once an artistic critique of cinema and an exposure of the technology behind video imagery, Smith’s practice integrates sculptural form and moving image. He is interested in the capacity of film and video installation to distort...

sodacake, Artist Duo

sodacake is the collaborative project of artists Solange Kershaw and Damian Castaldi. Spanning over 14 years together and from different locations around the globe, the pair have made a practice of mixed media installation, performance, electronic & acoustic music composition and audiovisual production. They came together in the late...

Jacques Soddell, Artist

In partnership with Fran Soddell, Jacques Soddell runs Cajid Media, a small buiness that promotes australlian sound & video art through its label, performances & web-site. The company also rents a-v equipment to artists, and is an outlet for new media art and consulting.

Charlie Sofo, Artist

Exhibiting in group and solo shows since 2005, Charlie Sofo combines a variety of media including sculpture, video, installation, drawing and text. Primarily concerned with the documentation and cataloguing of experiences — street walks and the variety of odours found in suburbs, the detritus removed from his running shoes, a video...

Van Sowerine, Artist

Van Sowerwine is a new media artist who works with stop-motion animation, interactives, installation, miniatures and comics. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent projects include Expecting, an Experimenta New Visions commission with Isobel Knowles for the Experimenta House of Tomorrow (Black Box, Melbourne, 2003), and Play With Me, an...

Niki Sperou, Artist

Niki Sperou is an artist with a longstanding interest in the nexus between art, science and identity. Since 2001 this has been the primary focus of her work. Influenced by her cultural background she makes 'Chimeras' which alude to cultural hybridity, biotechnology and the fanciful object...