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Camilla Hannan, Artist

Camilla Hannan is a sound artist working across a range of arenas. She utilises field recordings as the source material for her work. The field recordings are then processed into sonic textures and abstractions of place.

Josh Harle, Artist

Josh Harle is a multidisciplinary researcher and new media artist with a background in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Sculpture. His research investigates the virtual spaces generated by emerging technologies, our encounters with the world through them, and their social and political consequences.

Ian Hartley, Artist

Ian Hartley is an interior designer, artist and composer based in Sydney, Australia. Hartley studied at the University of NSW (1975–79) and at East Sydney Art School (1979–81). Active as an artist, curator, publisher and musician since the mid 1970s, Hartely exhibited in a variety of artist-run and commercial gallery settings such...

Justin Harvey, Artist

Justin Harvey is a media artist working across moving image and installation with a current focus on visual glitch aesthetics. His work has shown locally ...

Karolyn Hatton, Artist

Born in San Francisco, CA, 1964 Lives in New York 

Sue Healey, Director

Born in New Zealand in 1962 Sue Healey is a performer, choreographer, educator and dance-film maker. Healey’s practice extends beyond the traditional venues for dance with iterations of her projects staged in gallery settings as live performance elements within multimedia installations. As the creator of film and video projects Healy’s...

Leah Heiss, Artist

Collaborating with specialists across nanotechnology, microelectronics, fashion and manufacturing, Leah Heiss uses advanced technologies to explore the connection between art, design and science. Heiss utilises her background in design to integrate nano-engineered materials with personalised items such as clothing, jewellery and small-scale interactive devices to explore the complex relationship between...

Nigel Helyer, Artist

Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. Dr Sonique) is a Sydney based Sculptor and Sound Artist with an international reputation for his large scale sonic installations, environmental sculpture works and new media projects.

Luke Hespanhol, Artist

Luke Hespanhol is a Brazilian-Australian media artist, interaction designer, researcher and software developer. His practice investigates the potential of media art, design and architecture in creating engaging experiences that lead to reflection on the relationship between individuals and the immediate environment around them. He has explored these possibilities of public...