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James Geurts, Artist

Geurts’ work engages landscapes and situations that are marked by distinctive weather and geographical conditions, and traces of human presence. These include tidal zones, faultlines, horizons, the equator and other conceptual lines.

Kelly Ann Geurts, Artist

Kellyann’s practice has long explored mind patterns and brain function through photographic and digital media. Kellyann is currently undertaking PhD at the Faculty of Art & Design at Monash University. The theme of the research, located in a sci-fi genre, examines mental landscapes through Thoughtography. Thoughtography...

Kieran Gilfeather, Artist

Kieran Gilfeather has recently completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in film and digital art at Sydney College of the Arts, as well as a Certificate IV in Graphic Design at the St George TAFE campus.

Alexandra Gillespie, Artist

Alexandra Gillespie's work is primarily concerned with responding to particular sites and spatial temporal experiences. She often utilises projection, sound, and found objects to create installations, video and photographic works. As a hybrid media artist she has worked in a range of contexts including public works, gallery exhibitions, architectural collaborations,...

Matthew Gingold, Artist

Matthew Gingold is a media artist, programmer and creative technical consultant. Gingold’s arts practice spans solo and collaborative audio/visual installation and performance, from video design for theatre and dance, interactive and generative exhibition installation to architextural projections, film, documentary and live AV performance. Whilst these contexts vary, reoccurring themes are...

Michael Glasheen, Artist

Mick Glasheen

Emil Goh, Artist

Producing photography and video work since the 1990s, Emil Goh's main subject was the human response to the urban and city environment. Video such as Mall and 1 Minute at 109 [both 2002] investigated patterns of movement and coincidence. In Mall, Goh took the colour red as a cue to...

Michael Goldberg, Artist

Michael Goldberg is an artist and lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts who explores the gameplay involved in the world of trading stocks ( His work examines stockmarkets as highly complex organisms although their financial cycles are generally simplified as being either 'boom or bust'.

Kim Goldsmith, Artist

Kim V. Goldsmith is an emerging multi-media artist based in Central West NSW. She works in the rural and natural resources sector as a communications specialist. Her arts practice is informed by research, community consultation and her own experiences in land management. She recently exhibited new media works and an...