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Andrew Frost, Artist

Andrew Frost was born in 1962 in Sydney, Australia. Frost has worked as an artist in various media including film, video and painting, and as a writer, curator, critic and lecturer.

Andrew Gadow, Artist

Andrew Gadow is a Western Sydney based artist working in the realms of time based media.

Nik Gaffney, Artist

Nik Gaffney is a founding member of FoAM, where he operates as a tangental generalist, designer, programmer and sous-chef. He prefers breadth-first-searches and bottom-up design; randomness as a strategy, and depth where required; dynamic to static; Lisp to C; realtime rather than recorded; and complexity over...

Phillip Gamblen, Artist

Born in the UK in 1964. Migrated to Canada in 1966. Trained and worked as a gem cutter in the 1980's. Resettled in WA in 1991 after two years of travel. Graduated from Claremont School of Art in 1996 and Curtin University of Technology in 1998 with...

Andrew Garton, Artist

Andrew Garton was born in Guildford, NSW, Australia, in 1962. He began producing and performing music in the late 70s as synthesist, saxophonist and spoken word performer. Bands of note that Andrew performed with include the punk/soul group Private Lives (1979 – 1983) and fusion/impro outfit Lingo Babel (1985-1987).

Emmanuel Gasparinatos, Artist

Gasparinatos (aka Emmanuel G.), is a Sydney-based filmmaker who featured prominently in the Super 8 scene during the 1980s and 90s.  He worked as a sound engineer at ABC Radio for many years, and is a member of The Loop Orchestra together with John Blades, Richard Fielding, Patrick Gibson and Hamish Mackenzie.

Alex Gawronski, Artist

Alex Gawronski is an artist, writer and academic based in Sydney. Gawronski studied at Sydney College of the Arts where he received a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1991. In 1992 he was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma also from Sydney College of the Arts. In 2006 he completed a...

Paul Gazzola, Artist

PAUL GAZZOLA operates an interdisciplinary practice at the interface of art, architecture, performance and theory incorporating a multiplicity of strategies in the production of performances, choreographies, curated events and multi-media installations for stages, galleries and site-specific settings.