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And the Leopard Looked Like Me!, Gary Willis, Performance

Performance & Videotape: with Richard Boulez; Soundtrack - Paul Grabowski; “A psychedelic, aggro-expressionist, heavy metal, video comic strip abstract of the artists' experience in New York.”1 Performances;1980 - ‘I & I’ Studio, Brunswick Street, Melbourne.1980 (March) Adelaide Festival for the Arts - Fringe.ACT 2 Performance Festival Canberra. 1. AFI Projections guide to NU...

Is This What You Call Love?, Gary Willis, Video

Collaborative video with Eva Schramm. Soundtrack: Ken Guntar A television event: 6 x 30sec commercials presented on late night TV. Shown on ATN–9: Television Adelaide during the 1980 Adelaide Festival for the Arts, and CTC–7: Television Canberra during the ACT 2 Performance Festival Canberra. Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (23 April, 1982)

Strategies for Goodbye, Gary Willis, Video

Manifesto and Video: with Eva SchrammManifesto Broadcast - 3 CR Melbourne Originally exhibited at Reconnaissance Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC, June 1981. “... lunges out at the viewer and draws them in. Your attention is essential – who wants to miss the point”1 Also exhibited at: 1. AFI Projections guide to NU VIEW, December 1982.

Te Ve Vu Du, Gary Willis, Video

Video work with Eva Schramm Exhibited at: Clifton Hill New Music Centre, Melbourne, (June 1980). Adelaide Festival for the Arts - Fringe Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (23 April, 1982) Institute of Modern Art: Gary Willis, The Five Senses, 1982 (5-30 October), Lectures and video tapes showing. Anzart: Videos from Australia. (1983) VIDEOLA – Curated...

Al Arm, Jamil Yamani, Video

Made in America, Jamil Yamani, Video

Five Production Company Logos in 3D, Emile Zile , Video

Five production company logos in 3D, 2.22 min Arthritic After Effects. Cinema 4D in tendons and flesh. Flexible 3D modelling.

Larry Emdur's Suit, Emile Zile , Video

Feed, Danielle Zorbas, Video

Connecting otherwise disparate images captured across parts of Europe and Australia as cross-referenced landscapes and portraits, FEED gleans from the mind's plastic loop self-in-flux; the experience of ‘context collapse’, playing travel as trip, tourism as capital.   Danielle Zorbas, Feed, 2015, digital video, audio, 4:59 min

Drift, Oliver Zwink, Video

Oliver Zwink, Germany, Drift 2, 31 mins, 1999