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2012 1928 Oct  
Impasse, Interactive Video Installation

Created by Denis Beaubois, William McLure and Jeff Stein. The Impasse project was part of the Melbourne Festival and sponsored by Dunlop Foams. Due to popular demand, attendance quotas to Impasse were tripled. More than 600 visitors experienced the Impasse and a number of visitors returned to become...

In the event of Amnesia the city will recall…, Denis Beaubois, Video

In the event of Amnesia the city will recall explores the relationship between the individual and the metropolis. These works are not structured events for a traditional audience, they are questions proposed to the site. Open actions which rely on the surrounding dynamics to embellish them. The city as audience,...

Cleaning film, D. Beck, Screen

Adorno/Bueller, Anthea Behm, Single channel video work

Adorno/Bueller; Theodor W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory, 1977, ed. Gretel Adorno and Rolf Tiedemann, trans. Robert Hullot-Kentor, University of Minnesota Press, 1997, pp 243-244; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, dir. John Hughs, 1986, minutes 4:36-5:47. Scott Cupper, Shariba Rivers, Ben Veatch, Shawn Pfautsch, Carolyn Defrin, Jason Economus, Jennifer Shin.

Australia, Anthea Behm, Video

This performance for video comprises the artist watching the Hollywood movie Australia (directed by Baz Luhrmann, 2008) and translating its cinematic form into spoken language. Made specifically for exhibition in both Australia (single channel version) and the United States (double channel featuring the moving image of the original), the set...

Submission, Anthea Behm, Single channel video work

Submission begins with a monochromatic blue wall, which is interrupted slowly, first by a shadow, then by voices, and finally by a glimpse of the room in which the blue wall sits.

The Chrissy Diaries, Anthea Behm, Video Installation

Four channel video installation, public performances, research paper

The Game, Laurie Beisler, Screen

Self portrait 1979, Kim Beissel, Screen

Here I Sit, Alyson Bell, Screen

Lexicon, Alyson Bell, Christopher Newling, Screen

A song of air, Merilee Bennett, Screen

Binary Equations, Christopher Bennie , Video

That Which Requires Space, Christopher Bennie , Video

The Aliens Back, Christopher Bennie , Screen

I BELIEVE IN YOU, Liam Benson, Video

“Liam Benson’s series of works, featuring photography and video, is perhaps the most unfettered and certainly the most optimistic of responses to this post (Cronulla) riot Australia. Referencing a number of pop-cultural in uences including Kylie and the Bra Boys, Benson’s video I Believe in You is a disarming and...

Ophelia, Liam Benson, Video

True Blue, Liam Benson, Video

In True Blue, Liam Benson is dressed in a pale blue ‘hoodie’ which conceals his hair and takes on the quasi religious aspect of a cowl. Behind is an austere backdrop of panelled wood grain veneer, a material that both suggests and encompasses notions of bush, suburbs and boardroom.