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Store, Gary Warner, Screen

Touch action, Gary Warner, Screen

So Close (Oxygen), Matt Warren, Sound

Strips control, Hiroshi Watanabe, Screen

Die Young, Stay Pretty, Leanne Waters, Screen

The Queen and I, Douglas Watkin, Video

Douglas Watkin is a highly regarded Torres Strait Islander producer and director, renowned for his documentaries and dramas. Douglas is passionate about sharing Indigenous stories. The Queen and I tells the story of Douglas’ father, Edward Watkin's encounter with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she visited...

Nashing, Vincent Watson, Durham Evans, Screen

BLACK BOX: Painting A Digital Picture of Documented Memory, digital artwork

A digital media artwork BLACKBOX: Painting A Digital Picture of Documented Memory, generated through the media technologies of interactive multimedia, exploiting the creative potentials of digitally produced music, sound, image and text relationships in a disc based and online (Internet) environment. The artwork evolves from an imaginary electronic landscape that...

Captive, Geoffrey Weary, Video

A digital film by Geoffrey Weary CAPTIVE explores the themes of repression, confinement and escape. These themes are expressed through the incorporation of grainy VHS footage shot in Berlin at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, hand-held camera sequences shot in a maze-like forest and slices of footage...

La Sera, The Evening, Geoffrey Weary, Screen

Light/Strike, Geoffrey Weary, Video

Light/Strike a digital film by Geoffrey Weary

Strange Cities, Geoffrey Weary, cd-rom

A vignette from Strange Cities CD-Rom: Mordente produced in association with Screen Australia (AFC) copyright 2000. Copyright Tatiana Puentes

The anxiety of influence, Geoffrey Weary, Screen

The west - im Western, Geoffrey Weary, Screen

Young guy, young gal, Geoffrey Weary, Screen

Macrocosm, Timothy Weaver, web

Korper, Robyn Webster, Screen

Wahine, Aanya Whitehead, Screen

Pendulum CRT, Dennis Michael Wilcox, Screen

Proteron, Dennis Michael Wilcox, Screen

The Fantasmagoric Museum, Dennis Michael Wilcox, web

Macho pushing, Andreas Wildfang, Screen