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Black and White, Vahid Vahed, Video

Transformation, Vahid Vahed, Video

Phobia, K. Vaitiekus, Screen

Undertow, Michiel van Bakel, Screen

MOS, Pia Van Gelder, Installation

MOS (Mountain Operated Synth) is a site specific electronic sculpture that is installed at the second base camp on Mount Merapi, in Java, Indonesia.

Tetra Vision Synth (TVS), Pia Van Gelder, Stephen Jones, Video Installation

Electronics, plastic, woodStructural design by Andy McDonnell

You or Me?, Pia Van Gelder, Installation

You or Me? (2011), the title is a question posed by a monitor and camera assemblage to the viewer. This work was originally exhibited in a gallery window facing the street. The work involved two small pin-hole colour surveillance cameras, an RCA splitter and a large ...

The Latest, Julienne Van Loon, Screen

Valuables, Julienne Van Loon, Screen

Adjusted Daydreams, Stefanie Vandendriessche, web

A Midnight Farewell, David Varga, Screen

Riff, Various artists, Screen

Swallow's Nest, Brian Vaughan, Screen

Teddy, Ross Vechhio, Screen

Water Lines, Philpa Veitch, Screen

Circle D: Fragile Balances, Mari Velonaki, Installation

Two luminous cube-like objects appear to be floating above the surface of a lacquered wooden structure that perches on impossibly slender legs. Each object is comprised of four crystal screens where ‘handwritten’ text appears, wrapping around it conveying a playful sense of rhythm. The text represents personal...

Circle E: Fragile Balances, Mari Velonaki, Installation

A wooden table-like object is placed opposite the Circle D: Fragile Balances work in the exhibition space. The object is made of has the same finish as the base from Circle D: Fragile Balances.

Current State of Affairs, Mari Velonaki, Installation

A work about a symbiotic relationship between heterogeneous elements, which is a recurrent theme in my work.

Embracement, Mari Velonaki, Installation

Embracement is a light reactive installation. The work explores perception and interpretation of interpersonal interaction, through the device of optical illusion. Within a photo-dynamic crystal screen, fleeting image sequences of two women appear. All sequences commence with the women standing, facing each other, and with the...

Fish-Bird Circle B - Movement B, Mari Velonaki, Installation

Fish-Bird Circle B – Movement B is an interactive installation that explores dialogical possibilities between two robots and their audience. The robotic objects are disguised as wheelchairs that impersonate two characters, Fish and Bird that they fall in love but due to ‘technical’ difficulties can not...

The Woman, Mari Velonaki, digital artwork

The Woman is the first work in The Woman and the Snowman series, which investigates the boundaries of what can be perceived as real. It comments on the influence techno-advancements have had upon mediating relationships in the context of the irreversible alterations taking place within the...

Unstill Life, Mari Velonaki, digital artwork

A woman’s digital portrait alters depending on  how her visitors interact with the apples placed on offer in the installation space.

Zitrusfruchte, Uli Versum, Screen