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Skafandr, Alexander "Satim" Timofeev, web

35 summers, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

City of women, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Sometime in the future. All the men have become Mad Max and killed each other off.

Deep Wallpaper, Mark Titmarsh, mobile

Forbidden planet, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Godbless America, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Imitation of life, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Left Handed Woman, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Legion, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Shock Corridor, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Sydney-Ga, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

Undercurrent, Mark Titmarsh, Screen

879, J. Tobias Andersen, Screen

Everybody wants to be Grant, J. Tobias Andersen, Screen

Untitled, P. Todhunter, Screen

Hole in the bucket, Told by An Idiot, Screen

Man Ascending, John Tonkin, Screen

My own Worst Enemy, John Tonkin, Video

digital video, 10” photo frame, digital file on DVD, 8 minutes. Artist statement: This work grew out of my playing around with a 1960’s camera macro bellows attached to an HD camera. I decided I wanted to make a kind of audit of my aging body. I have been reading a lot about...

Nervous System, John Tonkin, digital artwork

HD documentation Marine grade stainless steel, LED interactive software, 1360 mm height An interactive public artwork developed as part of the Southport Broadwater Parklands Redevelopment in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The work is made up of twenty light and sound emitting poles that respond to their surroundings and each other. Each pole...

these are the days, John Tonkin, digital artwork

DVD PAL 4:3, 22 minutes and 30 seconds (looped) Artist statement 1994 "These are the Days is about the passing of time. It is a computer animation of falling paper, with a sound-track of people counting. By combining mathematical models of different physical phenomena such as gravity, elasticity and aerodynamics I...

time and motion study, John Tonkin, Installation

'time and motion study' uses contemporary technology to further investigate the time and motion studies of 1800’s scientist/inventors such as Marey and Muybridge and the later technologies of strobe photography and video effects. The users’ image in front of a camera is captured as a sequence of frames positioned along...

Room Mirror, Christian Toonk, Sound