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Hydr (o) - project edit/2, Jason Arsenault, Screen

System X, Scott Art, web

If looks could kill, Arts Theory Productions, Screen

THOUGHTS ON CIRCLES (IGULIM), David Asher Brook, Single channel video work

Creation is described in Kabbala as a process including Circles (Igulim) and Straightness (Yosher). Igulim describes a Divine light that does not tailor itself to the recipient - it surrounds its subject and is not internalized. It remains undefined and infinite like a circle that has no beginning or end....

3494 Houses + 1 Fence, Mireille Astore, Fabian Astore, Video

The street scape of Broken Hill, "the accessible outback" country town of Australia, is seen from the viewing platform of a Lebanese reality. ...

Articulated Silences, Fabian Astore, Video

Efface: Death Becomes Her, Mireille Astore, Video

Efface: Death Becomes Her is a video and performance that examines eternal grief as a continuum between a desired state and the imminent and natural occurrence of death. It...

Not From Here, Mireille Astore, Video

Not From Here is a video based on an undated historical photograph found in the archives of the Broken Hill City Library in outback Australia. The photograph of a group of 12 young women and one young man was probably taken...

Tampa: A Walk On The Beach, Mireille Astore, Fabian Astore, Screen

Tampa: A Walk On The Beachis a visual documentary of a site-specific project about the plight of recent Middle Eastern refugees in Australia. The project expressed the dichotomy between the sense of freedom experienced at the seashore and the imprisonment refugees faced as a result of their trust in the...

Scopophilia, Zylvia Auerbach, Screen

Inanimate Alice, Episode 1: China, Babel, Kate Pullinger, web

Inanimate Alice, Episode 2: Italy, Babel, Kate Pullinger, web

An imaginary construction on our behalf, Martin Bagley, Linda Gahan, Neil Mansfield, Marina Pozzi, Screen

Chink In The Mesh, Julie Bailey, Mark Denoe, Screen

Periscope 180°, Steven Ball, Screen

Pools Between Land, Steven Ball, Screen

The Defenestrascope, Steven Ball, Video

The Ground, the Sky and the Island, Steven Ball, Video

This video reworks photographs, super 8 film, sound and anecdotal text from...

The War on Television, Steven Ball, Video

The War on Television is made almost entirely from images derived from interference fractured digital television broadcasts. These are randomly processed and manipulated through layers of scratch techniques exaggerating the stuttering fragmentation.

Little Echo Lost, Armagan Ballantyne, Screen

Mouse mania, C. Bamford, Screen

3 views of t.v., Philip Bannigan, Screen