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The (taking) of (place), Daniel Staten Robinson, Screen

The power of K9P, Adelaide Animation Group, Screen

Agitate, Agitate, Screen

Permission to Narrate, Zehra Ahmed, Video Installation

Graffiti art by Meph, beatboxing by Ozi Batla from the Australian hip-hop group 'The Herd'. Shown at Performance Space, Artspace and Newcastle Regional Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre, and other venues.

Psychol, Fatima Ahmed, Screen

City_Interactive, Akuvido, web

The black triangle, Karin Albers, Screen

Floral Gimp/Queer Decay (short edit), Celeste Juliet Aldahn , Video

Floral Gimp/Queer Decay draws from the lineage of feminist art, reclaiming the female body through performance and roleAreversal and using parody and play to examine persona, space and spirituality. Parallels are drawn between the...

Infiniteum, Lisa Alexander, Screen

The Red Room, Husein Alicajic, Screen

Everything, Peter Alwast, Video

Everything combines digital animation and 3-D computer modelling with video, photography and abstract painting. The virtual microcosm Alwast presents in the work is an entirely constructed digital ‘stage’ where potentially anything can be included. As the artist describes, the idea for the work stemmed from an experience of sitting at his...

Janek the Cloud, Peter Alwast, Video

Production stills

Relics, Peter Alwast, Screen

Using CG imagery and found video footage, Relics is a video animation of slow panning over a suburban housing estate being built within a geodesic glass dome. Within this hermetic environment, chrome blobs lay on the ground abstracting the human form with its embedded MRI scans of the artist's body,...

ShwAAA, Peter Alwast, Video

ShwAAA tower shoots out blobs from its core which morph into ready made suburbs. This fabricated suburban environment is a controllable content of the ShwAAA factory, however there is an entity in this landscape that disrupts the gaze of ShwAAA called The Spirit of The Plains. Somewhere between the real...

There There, Video

By Peter Alwast

Ec/static, Toula Anastas, Screen

Astro=Nought, Duncan Anderson, Screen

Japanese girl, Duncan Anderson, Screen

My Name is Grant, Tobias J. Anderson, Screen

Puppet Motel, Laurie Anderson, Huang Hsin-Chien, cd-rom

Thriller In Manila, Warren Anderson, Christopher Newling, Screen

Un Film de Jean Baudrillard, Scott Otto Anderson, Screen

Vital Organs, Duncan Anderson, Screen