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The Foreignness of Language, Video

This self portrait, performance video piece draws on my experience of learning Norwegian to explore how second language acquisition influences and disrupts identity. Learning a language is about learning to participate in a culture. The process of learning a second tongue involves adapting and adjusting to knowing- or not knowing oneself in...

The Language Between Us, Video

The Language Between Us draws on my ongoing interest in language acquisition. After living in Norway for the past few years and learning Norwegian for my partner, I am interested in the appropriation of words; how one can take a language (foreign, patriarchal or mother tongue) and make it one’s...

The New Rhythm of Vision, Video

video by Tim Gruchy with music by Vision Four 5

The Phoenix Portal, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

Touch, Video

Made during a stay in Dunedin.

2014 1 November  
Untitled #1 Pregnancy, Single channel video work

This work is a response to the plethora of daily comments directed towards me in my everyday happenings, by strangers discussing my large pregnant belly. Most, if not all of these comments were quite personal and based on no scientific evidence.

1991 18 May  
Video Visions, Video Screening

New International and Australian video art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Domain Theatre. presented by Electronic Media Arts (Australia) Ltd

Videotapes from New York, video collection

In 1975, the National Gallery of Victoria purchased a collection of fourteen videotapes from New York. They were initially presented in the modern European Gallery (NGV: St Kilda Rd) on two monitors. The works were selected by Annette Dixon the then Curator of European Art at the NGV, and are...

Walking, Film

Non-narrative short film Walking made by David Perry, shown privately. B&W Standard 8 guage. Perry had been shooting film for many years before this, but he ackowleges this is his first completed film. The original film is now lost, but low quality b&w video telecines exist.

We All Know, Video

Video by Tim Gruchy and Stephen Jones Audio by Tim Gruchy and Terry Murphy From ZIP - III multimedia package Video produced at Heuristic Video

WE LIVE IN YOUR WORLD, Mandy Pryse-Jones and Simon Savage , installation with video

This work consists of a video installation that investigates the idea of a collective consumer idiocy. Amongst other elements, flying craft seen in the video are abstractions of bank buildings. The coloured lines seen in the video represent growth from this relationship, for better or worse. We are massaged into...

1977 1223 Sep  
You, Them and Us, Video Installation

Judi Stack and Bob Weis, You, Them and Us (1976-77) Ewing & George Paton Galleries (Melbourne University Students Union). 12-23 September, 1977.

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Experimental film

The Cantrills might be said to have invented Expanded Cinema (at least in Australia) – in which the production and particularly the projection of films is not seen as a single screen form but one in which all kinds of things, from manipulation of the colour during the processing of...

Kaye Mortley, Sound

Kaye Mortley is Australian by birth but since 1981 has worked as an independent documentary maker based in Paris, producing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, France Culture, and for state broadcasting companies in Europe and elsewhere. Mortley's cinematic radio productions have received numerous awards from the Prix...

Infinite Love, Owen Leong, Video

Infinite Love depicts the artist with his mouth kept forcibly open with a dental retractor, as a heart made of frozen milk melts and drips whiteness into his open mouth. This video portrait subverts our relationship to the corporeal through the abject, to disrupt body language and break behavioural codes, exploring...

Brasil Maravilha, Aleksei Wrobel Abib, Screen