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Methuselah, Video

Video by Cathy Vogan, 1993.

Mob, , Mr Knott, Screen

1977 1 Mar10 Jun  
National Gallery of Victoria Video Program, video exhibition

In 1977 the NGV ran a program of videotapes from its collection of video works from the United States. Many of the works were acquired in the original 1975 purchase by Annette Dixon.

1999 5 September  
Peter Callas: Initialising History, Video Screening

Peter Callas: Initialising History video works 1980-1999 selected and introduced by the artist The Art Gallery of New South Wales Domain Theater commissioned and produced by dLux media arts

proXy, Video Installation

Conceived, designed and co-directed by André Lepecki and Rachael Swain Music and sound by Paul Charlier Edited by Greg Ferris

Red Armchair, Installation

A spectator walks into a room to witness a projected image of a woman’s back seated on a red armchair. An identical chair is placed in the middle of the room where the spectator can sit facing the the back of the projected woman. On the floor...

Re_Squared, Cicada , installation with video

Documentation of Re_Squared a large scale, immersive, video performance by Cicada presented as part of the 2003 Primavera exhibition of the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the City of Sydneys Art and About public art festival. Visuals created and performed by Nick Ritar and Kirsten Bradley. Audio created and...

SBS Television begins broadcasting, Television broadcast

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) began television broadcasts in 1980, originally in Melbourne and Sydney. SBS was established in 1978 to provide  multilingual broadcasting services for ethnic communities in Australia. The program Eat Carpet screened on SBS TV from 1989 to 2005.

1996 320 Oct  
Scanner - aka Robin Rimbaud - Tour, Talk

Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud is a London-based very nomadic sound artist, composer and DJ who works both as an individual artist and in collaboration with other musicians, choreographers, performance artists, writers and filmmakers.

SCOUT - Sentient Co-realtor Of Urban Transaction, Interactive Video Installation

A permanent large scale public art sculpture commissioned by Cooper and Co. in conjunction with the Britomart Arts Trust on the site of Tukutai Square, Britomart, Auckland.

Shoreline, ACAB Collective , Installation

In ACAB’s work everyday waste is intermingled with neon pigment and glimmering projections of light, invoking a contemplative space. The past is interwoven with the future, proffering a new landscape, a different composition. From destruction can come growth.  Paradoxically technological progression is part of both the cause and the solution...

Space Over Time, Interactive Video Installation

Tim Gruchy interactive installation The piece is a walkin interactive installation. It involves software which takes an incoming video camera source and combines it with computor graphics to create an artificial reality environment. The interactor steps into a sensed zone in front of the camera to be confronted with their image...

Tap Hop, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

1978 5 7 May  
The 2nd Video Mayfair, video exhibition

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Coop 5-7 May, 1978 The Second Video Mayfair was run at the Sydney Filmmakers Co-op over Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.

The Dream, Ariel , Video

Work shown in the touring exhibition Videotapes from Australia