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Video Festival

2nd Australian Video Festival - Aboriginal Programming, Interview

ABORIGINAL PROGRAMMING The following transpired between Lester Bostock and Arinmarie Chandler as a lead in to the Aboriginal Television forum at the Festival. Lester Bostock is an executive of Koori Productions, an Aboriginal Film Unit. He has worked as a consultant and advisor across the board on Aboriginal issues.

1987 410 Sep  
AVF '87 - Scratch Video Installation, direct from Britain, Video Installation

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. SCRATCH VIDEO INSTALLATION DIRECT FROM BRITAINCurator: Brian Langer

1987 410 Sep  
The Second Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

1987 Australian Video Festival Co-ordinator: Sally Couacaud, Assistant Co-ordinator: Kate Goodnow

1991 830 Nov  
The Sixth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The sixth and last in the series of video festivals initiated and managed by the Electronic Media Arts (Australia) organisation.

1988 25 Aug 7 Sep  
The Third Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

The third Australian Video Festival was held at the Powerhouse Museum and included a program of video works from a wide range of local and international artists. The festival presented a retrospective of works by Bill Viola and a program of Scratch Video (cut-up style video collages) from the UK....

1985 19 Jun14 Jul  
Scanlight: New Developments in Video Art, Video Festival

In 1985 the video scene in Sydney had reached a point where there were enough people making video works - whether art, documentary, video music or computer graphic - to begin to make it important and possible to have a collective show of recent works.

1986 January  
Video/Culture, Group Exhibition

A travelling exhibition drawn from video works shown within the Australian Video Festival 1986. Project co-ordinator: Brian Langer Catalogue Design: Eddy Jokovich Introduction 

1987 7 September  
AVF '87 - Video Art Awards entries, Video Festival

[2nd AVF catalogue, p.84] VIDEO ART Simon Biggs - Le Desir (Prisoners)Addresses notions of difference (sexual, psychological) suspending distinctions through a poetic and associative approach to the media. Mark Boswell - How to Prevent Scurvy with LimesA social study shot in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.