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Saki Satom

Saki Satom's work explores patterns of human behaviour that are particular to large urban centres, often focusing on codes and practices that tend to go largely unnoticed. She creates situations that allow her to interact with the public in ways that unexpectedly expose those patterns and cast them in a fresh light. And her works highlighting minor incidents that turn out, on closer examination, to be suprising, even at times extraordinary. She says of her practice; "I want to view our daily routines from a slightly different angle and by so doing show that they may hold hidden possibilities."

(b.1969 Tokyo, Japan) lives and works in London. Selected solo exhibitions include: Saki Satom, 43 Inverness St, London (2011); Alternative Stories, Museum & Arts Centre, Scotland (2009); and2 Selected Works, Gallery Pfeister, Bornholm, Denmark (2008). Selected group exhibitions include: Videorover Season 4, NURTUREart Gallery, NY (2012); Videozoom: Japan, Sala 1 - International Center for Contemporary Art, Rome (2010); Garden for Children, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2010); Drawing 2009, The Drawing Room, London (2009); and No Time To Lose, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen (2008).