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Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is an interdisciplinary sound installation artist, composer,performer and curator.Over the past twenty-five years she has been researching sound design and have been implementing the fruits of that research as an internationally recognised practising sound artist. Her original sound works have been commissioned for the most prestigious international sound art events, including the Zeitgleich Symposium (1994, ORF Wien, Austrian Radio & Transit digital art company, Innsbruck, Austria), the 6 Exquisites Sound Art Festival (1999, USA) and the Studio of Acoustic Art, (West Deutsche Rundfunk, Koln, 1992, 1994, 1997, Germany). As a curator Bandt has mounted several large sound events engaging both Australian and international artists, (e.g. Beaming the Theremin, installing the Grainger Museum in sound and light, Melbourne International Festival, 1998, Hearing Place 2003). As a sound installation artist she has created some 47 sound installations world-wide. She has invented interactive sound playback systems which include the audience and provide a place for them to fully participate in the design of her works. Bandt's original works including 8 solo CDs are published internationally.

Other works 

Solo CD's of Original Music

1. Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers Tank Pieces and Silo Pieces. Move records MS 3035, MC 3035, 1981.

2. Soft and Fragile: Music in Glass and Clay. Move Records MS 3045, MC 3045, 1982.

3. Stargazer: Digital Recording, Compact Disc. Move Records MD 3075, MC 3075, 1989.

4. Footsteps: Ros Bandt and Friends. Move Records, MD 3135, 1993.

5. Glass & Clay: Move Records, MD 3045, 1995.

6. Stack: Move Records, MD 3145, 2001.

7. Sonic Archaeologies Move Records, MD 3155, 2003.

8. Isobue, Japanese Sea Whistle, Sonic Art Gallery,