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Priscilla Bracks

b. 1973

Priscilla’s visual art practice includes photography, illustration, installation, and new-media art. Her practice explores the world she inhabits - from the interior landscape of the mind, and human relationships, to the natural environment. She is interested in the contemporary experience and social phenomena that shape histories, cultures and personal identities. Her work also considers the idea that our possible futures arise from our thoughts, imaginations and popular culture. Before completing a first class honours degree in Photography at the Queensland College of Art in 2002, Priscilla studied and practiced law in Australia. This education was pivotal in the development of her interest in relationships between human nature, social justice, culture, media and contemporary issues. She currently resides in Brisbane Australia. Her current work includes a project entitled Making the Empire Cross, a series of lenticular images that bring together a heady masala of colour, contemporary socio-political events, religious mythologies, and popular literature, entertainment, and infotainment. Drawing on animated comic pop art and styles, this project examines the influence of contemporary mass media and popular culture in shaping identity, belief, history, and truth. Priscilla also works extensively as a lead artist in Kuuki. She formed this collaborative group with Gavin Sade in 2005, to explore interactive new-media. These works feature interactive, kinetic sculptural works, that are often illuminated and computer controlled, and can be adapted for temporary display or permanent installation within a building.