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Lux Eterna

A multidisciplinary artistic approach investigating the inter connectivity between transient yet infinitely occurring circular paths of life, death and regeneration, oscillation between the collective feminine and masculine forces of our psyche, sacred and platonic geometry as the elemental source for all shape and material construct of our universe, the viscera, the atoms of nature. 

My practice involves collection, examination and re-imaging of the most durable parts of biomaterial: teeth and bones, a subtle imprinting of geometric forms through reflective meditation and challenging current image making stereotypes of feminine/masculine.

Classically trained in music and fine arts; photography, ceramics and maintaining a contemporary edge through continual learning and creative implementation of new media and digital technologies, Lux is a multi-disciplinary artist across 2D, 3D and 4D forms. Advocates that technology should not be the main focus of the work unless it is integral to its meaning and experience. It is implemented to enable understanding and aesthetics.

In her photographic work and her teachings, Lux questions how we see, how we perceive, what is our relationship to the image, how is narcissism being redefined, how images have dictated women's cultural positions over time and what is it that defines women's beauty in each generation of images? In questioning what we see at more than face value, we begin to develop mechanisms for self awareness, and through that for what the individual being seeks to manifest rather than herding to cultural stereotypes. Previous educational programs have been designed mainly for girls throughout Lux's teaching practice, given her positions in schools as officer for gender equality. 

Out of passion for inspiring creativity in young hearts and minds along an unconscious vocational pull to continue working with adolescents, Lux maintains an insightful edge into the collective psyche of future generations and uses this connection to reciprocate the inculcation of creative channels for inquiry, humanity and personal self expression. Lux creates a foundation at one's earliest possibility for personal and psycho-spiritual growth. 

Current 2D and 3D work are investigations into shapes of organic life matter: Bones, Teeth, Eggs, Stones and Crystals alongside the more superlunary Sacred Geometric forms laced into the Universe's dark matter.