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Kate Mitchell

b. 1982

Kate Mitchell lives and works in Sydney. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2006 and a Masters of Fine Arts in 2008 both at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.

Her practice includes performance-based videos, projections, objects, drawings and conceptual offerings. Her work has consistently played with the joke and the cartooning of violence. Across many videos she performs the Disneyland impossible: cutting a hole around yourself with a saw; walking on a barrel; climbing a ladder while cutting rungs.

Mitchell works on the limit of the acceptable and normal. She finds the irrational in life in order to reflexively question herself, her material reality, and her place within a society in which we all constantly perform.

Birth place
Period of activity 
from 2003
Other solo exhibitions 

Wall Work, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne (2011); Odradek, Australian Experimental Arts Foundation, Adelaide (2010);Don’t Touch My Rocks, Chalk Horse, Sydney; Black Magic Tricks, China Heights Gallery, Sydney (2009);I Am Not A Joke, Chalk Horse, Sydney (2008); They guard it so carefully you’d think it were gold, Chalk Horse, Sydney (2007).

Other group exhibitions 

Social Sculpture, Anna Schwartz, Sydney (2011); The Grip, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris;Friends, TCB, Melbourne; Phenomonenonononononon, Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, Sydney (2010);  The Night of the Sunglasses, Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul, Turkey; New Dogs Old Tricks, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; The Horn of Plenty: excess and reversibility, Para-Site, Hong Kong (2009); Game is Good, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney; Art & About - By George, Australia Square, Sydney; Board Art, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch, NZ; Looking Out, Macquarie University, Sydney (2008).



Kate Mitchell, In A Situation, 2011, video still
Kate Mitchell, In A Situation, 2011, video still – from In A Situation 
Kate Mitchell, Lost A Bet, 2011, detail
Kate Mitchell, Lost A Bet, 2011, detail – from Lost A Bet 
See video
– from I Am Not A Joke, via YouTube