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Julie Vulcan

Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based performer and interdisciplinary artist. A UNSW College of Fine Arts graduate her early work (1988 – 92) focused on video and sound installation and appeared in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, represented by the 4th and 7th Australian International Video Festivals, ARX 3, Experimenta and the Performance Space.

From 1993 she worked more directly in performance. Between 1993 and 2001 she co-devised and performed the ‘Godmakers’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Ablaze’ with Icarus Performance Troupe touring nationally and internationally. In 1995 she joined the all-girl performance group, Frumpus performing in many shows including ‘Crazed’ 2004. In 2003 she devised and performed the solo ‘B(b)UG’ at the Performance Space incorporating live and pre-recorded video.  In 2003 she became a core member of the hybrid ensemble Unreasonable Adults, touring works ‘End of Romance’, ‘Gift/Back’ and ‘The Last to see them Alive’ nationally and internationally. In 2007/8 she performed in Pacitti Company’s (UK) ‘Finale’, presented at Spill Fest London and Liveworks Sydney.

In addition Julie has performed in the video works of Anna Davies and Sam James and contributed to the works of many artists including PVI Collective, Barbara Campbell, Hancock & Kelly live, Panther, Deborah Pollard and Cat Jones. Recent works include: ‘The Power of Constraint’ trilogy’ 2007-9; ‘Un/Disclosed’ a two year micro performance project 2008-09; the durational work ‘I Stand In’ and the site specific works ‘Spotlight Bunny’ and ‘Redress’ 2011. In September 2010, Julie was appointed the Associate Director at PACT centre for emerging artists, Sydney.

b. 1966
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from 1989

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Burn, – from Burn, via Vimeo 
Silent but not Dead, – from Silent but not dead, via Vimeo 
Julie Vulcan, Past Elemements Future Icons, 1989
Julie Vulcan, Past Elemements Future Icons, 1989 – from Past Elements Future Icons 
Julie Vulcan, Shadow Spin, 1989
Julie Vulcan, Shadow Spin, 1989 – from Shadow Spin 
Julie Vulcan, Tales from the Shadow Time, 1989
Julie Vulcan, Tales from the Shadow Time, 1989 – from Tales from the Shadow Time 
Julie Vulcan, The light fell – some new pain, 1990
Julie Vulcan, The light fell – some new pain, 1990 – from The light fell – some new pain 
Redress #6, Exist-ence 5 QUT Project Gallery Brisbane 2013 – from Redress Series, via Vimeo 
I Stand In, SPILL Festival of Performance 2013, produced by Pacitti Company – from I Stand In, via Vimeo 
Breach, Video: Kat Sapera – from Breach, via Vimeo 
Spotlight Bunny, Video: Sam James – from Spotlight Bunny, via Vimeo