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Jeroen Offerman

Jeroen Offerman was born in Eidhoven in 1970 and currently lives and works in London. His well-known work "The Stairway at St. Paul's" of 2003 can be regarded as significant of his artistic practice and has been presented at several locations and settings such as Moscow, Tokyo, London, France, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, in theatres, at pop-festivals, in artist-run-spaces, in galleries. In this work the key elements of his practices are present: the absence of the unexpected, the interaction between the several audiences and the artwork, which depends on the situation and therefore defers every time that the performance takes place, the subliminal messaging and the anti-art interference, having as purpose to unsettle the audience.

All his works, either performance or installation have a suprising and symbolic character, even some times without aiming for it. Having as reference the works of John Cage, Charles Yves, Jerome Bell, Anish Kapoor and especially Kazimir Malevich, his explorations are based on the "void", a theme that often occurs in the arts.

Jeroen Offerman has stopped with the live performances in 2006, but he continues giving talks of how these performances have been constructed. He has participated in several group exhibitions in museums and galleries, among them the Museum Witte de With (Rotterdam), van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven), Lisson Gallery (London), Montevideo, (Amsterdam), 32nd International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam), Hara Museum (Tokyo).