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Haines and Hinterding

David Haines (b. 1966) and Joyce Hinterding (b. 1958) are a collaborative art duo based in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The duo have been collaborating on art and music projects since 1999. While both artists have extensive solo careers, as Haines & Hinterding the duo have exhibited widely in Australia and overseas. Their work marries a deft and precise use of technology with an interest in the cognitive and psychological responses to that technology. The Outlands (2011) utilised gaming technology to create an interactive video/game environment through which visitors could navigate (via two twigs attached to a hidden console). With eerie ambient sound and sudden startling jumps, The Outlands provoked a sense of the uncanny. The installation was the recipient of the Anne Landa Award for New Media Arts 2011

Haines & Hinterding has also presented performances of experimental music. Monocline was perofrmed at SuperDeluxe at Artspace in 2010 as part of the 17th Biennale of Sydney, and in 2008 the duo staged Electromagnetique composition for building plants and stars at Breenspace, Sydney. In 2012 Haines & Hinterding also staged Orgasm, a multi-media installation work derived in part from the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Of the work the artists stated: "The title says it all and we have almost nothing to say about it. Finally we can leave all of our words behind by choosing to embrace this singularity common to everyone. Everything from this point on in this work shall be over-loaded. We give to you pulsating fields of dust and matter, earth and sky, sun and moon and two devices that are said to be able to restore balance back in to the local environment. We also give you the sound of protean noise from which the ecstatic lightning bolt shatters the swarm, into the Z of creation." 

The duo's work has been seen in numerous international exhibitions and festivals. In 2009 they received an Award of Distinction from Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria in the Hybrid Art Category.

Andrew Frost
Period of activity 
from 1999