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Gary Cass

b. 1966

Gary Cass has been a key scientific collaborator with numerous art and science projects based at the University of Western Australia, contributing a vast range of skills in agricultural and biological sciences to ongoing research projects. Cass is a founding member of Bioalloy, an ongoing research endeavor into artistic Cyborgian systems developed in the FNAS laboratories at the UWA. Beginning with the idea of designing and creating a machine that incorporates a living system that grows and nurtures its own ‘skin', Bioalloy's research into the co-existence of a Cyborgian system and the human body led to a collaboration with performance artist S. Chandrasekaran and contemporary artist Donna Franklin. Cass' collaborative projects with Chandrasekaran have been exhibited around the world, most recently as a fringe event at the Venice Biennale and Documenta; and the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (all 2007); Signature Art Prize 2008 in Singapore; Art Stays 8 Slovenia, 2010. "Knows a little bit about science, a little less on safety and probably nothing about art!"

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