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Gary Carsley

b. 1957

Gary Carsley is an artist, writer and curator. His work in the 1980s was primarily in painting but Carsley also experimented with video, performance and publishing. Since the 1990s he has expanded his work into digital media and installation using digital monoprints in combination with ready made objects such as kit furniture to create trompe l'oeil effects.

Carsley's work as a curator has included significant contributions to new media in museum and gallery contexts. In 2002 Carsley curated Cerebellum for The Performance Space, Sydney including the work of Charles Atlas, Monika Tichacek and The Kingpins. The 2003 exhibition Parthenogenesis at Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, included international artists including the work of Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman alongside that of Australians including Luke Roberts, The Kingpins and Julie Rrap. Like Cerebellum, the exhibition explored mediated identity. The 2004 exhibition Take A Bowery at the Museum of Contemporary Art was a major historical survey of the work of Leigh Bowery, Australian-born performance/video artist.

Birth place
QLD, Australia
Other solo exhibitions 



2010 - fiction_non_fiction, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York
2009 - Bark Art, Breenspace, Sydney, Australia
2008 - You are Here - Central Park Draguerreotypes D.70-76, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York
2007 - Scenic Root, Art Gallery of New South Wales
2006 - Looking at Works of Art in the Light of Other Works of Art, Artspace, Sydney
2005 - Making the third cup of tea from one tea bag, Sabine Schmidt Galerie, Koln
- Chemical Blonde, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam
- Skirting the Issue, The Cross Art Projects, Sydney
2004 - Ich kann den Wald vor lauter Hols nicht sehen, Ruhrlandmuseum Essen
2003 - Draguerreotypes, ArtKitchen Gallery, Amsterdam
- EnTropical, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2002 - Draagbaar Belvedere, M.A.F., Amsterdam
- Trompe L’oeil, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
- Society4Beautification, Bedrijfsresturant van de Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam
2001 - UnReal Estate Germany, Horst Schuler Gallery, Dusseldorf.
- A Photocopy Zip2Gether Triumphal Arch, Museum of Sydney
- Building The Ideal Homo,, Performance Space, Sydney
- Inverted Belvedere, Artspace Offsite project, Taylor Square Sydney
2000 - UnReal Estate, ArtKitchen Gallery, Amsterdam and The Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland
1999 - Casuarina Hunting Lodge, Artspace, Sydney (With Rafael von Uslar and Grahame Rowe)
1997 - The Memorial Project, Roslyn Oxley Gallery, Sydney (With Peter Todd)
1996 - Villa Manus, The Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Gallery
- Ah Men, Artspace Witzenhausen, Amsterdam
1995 - The Persistence of Memory, Stelling Projects, Leiden


Other group exhibitions 
2009 - Sunny Side Up, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York
2008 - re-mix, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York
  - Lines in the Sand, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, NSW, Australia
- Intrude – Art & Life 366, Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, China
2007 - Perfect for every occasion – Photography Now, Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
2006 - Ten(d)ancy, Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney
2005 - Surfaces Paradise, Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem
- Countenance, WurttembergischerKunstverein Stuttgart
2004 - Migrating Identity, Arti et Amitaci, Amsterdam
- Was ist deutsch?, Ich geriet vor dieser Frage in immer groessere Verwirrung, Praxis, Bayreuth
2003 - Hung Drawn and Quartered, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney
- Homostrata, Artspace, Adelaide
2001 - Box, Wren Gallery, Sydney
- Wallpaper, Powerhouse Gallery, Brisbane
- Kunstrai, Amsterdam
2000 - Blondies and Brownies, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam
1999 - Kunstrai, Amsterdam
1998 - Edifying Sappho and Socrates, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam, and The Darlinghurst Community Health Centre, Sydney 
- Traffic of Night In Paradise, Vleeshuis Amerika, Amsterdam
- Cool II, Boterhal te Hoorn
1997 - Art In Chains, Chains, Koln
- Cool Art, Art Kitchen, Amsterdam
1995 - Un-Frieden, sabotage von wirklichkeiten, Kunstverein Hamburg