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Eline McGeorge

Eline McGeorge's work spans abstraction, concrete references, and documentary. Democratic problems, environmental issues, feminist legacy, and science fiction comprise McGeorge's oeuvre. These themes are brought together through drawing, animation, collage, artist books, and wearving. In her solo exhibition "As Spaces Fold, Companions Meet" as Oslo Kunstforening, the artist explored folds as a visual and thematic motif. McGeorge's drawn characters inhabit a science fictional worl inspired by an interpretation of folded space, which allows fictional and actual characters to meet and be cast into new constellations across time and space. Alienation and hybridisation are recurring traits of the characters populating these works.

Born in Norway, McGeorge has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Oslo Kunstforening, Hollybush Gardens in London, Gallery Kirkhoff in Copenhagen, Fotogalleriet in Oslo, Display Gallery in Prague, and Gallery Niklas von Bartha in London. McGeorge is the recipient of many grants, awards, and residencies including the Norwegian Arts Council Project Grant, Ingrid Lindback Langaard Foundation Grant, and Camden Art Centre and Delfina Studios residency exchange program in Prague.


Lives and works in Oslo, Norway and London, UK.

Other solo exhibitions 
  • 2016: As Spaces Fold, Companions Meet, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo
  • 2012: A World of Our Own, Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2009: Manual, Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2008: Travelling Doubles 2, Gallery Kirkhoff, Copenhagen
  • 2007: Travelling Doubles, Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2007: Among Familiar Strangers and Surveilled Places, Fotogalleriet, Oslo
  • 2005: Departure of a Stranger, Hollybush Gardens, London.
  • 2004: Possibilities of Another Place, Display Gallery, Prague
  • 2003: Unexpected Elsewhere, Gallery Niklas von Bartha, London
Awards, collections 
Grants, Awards, Residencies and more 2015: Statens utstillingsstipend. – Norsk Kulturråd, Project grant. – Norsk Kultruråd, Publication grant. – Vederlagsfondet, Project grand. 2014: Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, 3 years working grant. Fond for Lyd og Bilde (Foundation for Sound and Image), Project Grant, Kulturrådet (Norwegian Arts Council), Project Grant. 2013: Vederlagsfondet, Project Grant for artist publication Artist in residency, Kunstnernes Hus, W17, Oslo. 2012: -One year grant, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond. 2011: -Norwegain Ars Council, Project Grant for artist publication. –Vederlagsfondet, Project Grant for artist publication. 2010: -Internastional support, Office for Contemporary Art Norway. -One year grant, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond. 2009: -Grant, Ingrid Lindback Langaard Foundation, Norway. 2008: -Commission, Poster for 100 years anniversary of London Underground. 2007: Exhibition Grant, Norwegian Arts Council, -Exhibition Grant, Forbundet Frie Fotografer, Norway -Three years Norwegian state working grant 2006: -Norwegian Cultural Council, Material Grant 2005: -British Council, exhibition grant. 2004: -Sleipnir, NIFCA travel grant (Iceland). -Camden Art Centre and Delfina Studios, London, Bilateral residency exchange programme in Prague. -Grant from Vederlagsfondet, Norway. 2003: -Exhibition grant, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, London. 2003: -International Support, OCA (Office of Contemporary Art, Norway). -State working Grant for young artists, Norway, 1 year. 2002: Norwegian Art Council, exhibition grant. -Grant from Vederlagsfondet, Norway. 2000: -Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD), exhibition grant. 1999: Grant from Lise and Arnfinn Hejers Fundation, Norway. –Norwegian state working Grant for young artists, 2 year. 1998: -Norwegian Art Council, exhibition grant.1998: -Norwegian Artists Help Foundation (BKH), art student grant.


2016: – Klassekampen, 03.02.2016, Blindpassasjer i tid og rom, Line Ulekleiv. – Kunstkritikk, 17.02.2016, Alt i alt, Nora Joung. – NRK radio P2, Kulturhuset, 25.01.2016. 2015: –SpiegelOnline, 03.02.2015, Filmkünstler bei der Berlinale: Zwischen Realität und Fiktion, Ingeborg Wiensowski 2014: – P.E.A.R. paper for emerging architectural research, Issue no 7, Meaning and Material. Royal Academy of Arts, London. – Frieze No. 162, April (We Are Living On A Star, Janson Farago). – Visual Arts, 28th Feb (“We Are Living on a Star” Attacks Mass Murder, Daniel Kunitz). – ArtReview, Jan./Feb (“Previewed’, We Are Living on a Star’). – Aftenposten 1st Feb. (Teppet som ble bombet i stykker, Kjetil Røed). – Vårt Land, 7th Feb (Vond og vakker påminnelse). – Artist Book: ‘With the Free Rider into the oil age and beyond’, published by Torpedo art bookshop, Oslo. 2013: Sarai Reader 9, Projections, Raqs Media Collective, Delhi (artist contribution), Billedkunst, mai2012: Politiken (Denmark), 7th Dec 2012, (Ugens udstilling: Stjerne maler med tyggegummi og duelort, Maria Kjær Themsen). – Berlinale Talent Campus Press, 11th February 2012, Videoes Critical and Clinical, Katja Cicigoj. – Art At The Underground, The Rundel, 100 Artists Remake a London Icon, Art/Books Publishing. – Hollybush Gardens issue one, booklet launched at Frieze Art Fair 2012, – A-W-O-R-L-D-O-F-O-U-R-O-W-N, Artist book. Published by Dent-De-Leone, London.  2011: -Girls Like Us, artist contribution (April issue 2011). 2010: -NOWISHERE, artist contribution, 6th issue, (editors Veronika Hauer & Fatos Ustek), UK. 2009: Frieze Magazine (UK), Issue 126, Oct 2009, (27 Senses, Katie Kitamura2009: Oct 6th 2009 (Kunst som institusjonelt teater, Momentum 2009, Kjetil Røed) -Manual, Artist Book, Published by Dent-De-Leone, London. -Succour, The New Fiction, Poetry and Art, UK, Issue Nine S/S 2009, -Aftenposten (Norway) April 28 (Viktig Hytte, Lotte Sandberg), -Morgenbladet (Norway) May 8-14 2009 (Fordervet dada, Andreas Ervik), -Billedkunst (Norway) No 4 2009 (Fumms No wo taa zaa uu, Are Hauffen), 2007; – A Blip In Time, Conversation between Eline McGeorge and Hollybush Gardens, -TimeOut (London) Dec 5-11 (’My Space’, Ossian Ward), -’An Archæology’ Zabludowicz Collection 2006: -TimeOut (London) May24-31 (Imagine the Universe Bursts Into Song, Martin Herbert) 2004: -CIRCA, Autumn 2004, (‘Free From the Itch of Desire at Butler Gallery’, Sara Browne), -‘Nesten’, Anthology published by Aschehoug, Norway -The Irish Times, July 2nd 2004 (‘It’s subtle work, so give it time’, Aidan Dunne). 2003: -TimeOut (London), April30-May7 (‘Hope Springs Eternal, Rebecca Geldard) -The Observer (UK), 20 April 2003, (‘Berning Bright, Dominic Lutyens). -Art Review, February 2003, (‘Dominic’s Domain’, Sophie Leris). -CIRCA, Winter2003 (Dublin: ‘Darklight Film Festival’, Leah Hillard) -The Art Newspaper, March 2003 (Hope Springs Eternal’, Lousia Buck) -[a-n] magazine, February 2003, (‘Artist Story’). 2002: -NUMER,4 2002 (Norway), (‘På kanten av tegningen’, Anne Karin Jordtveit). 2001: -Art Monthly, October 2001 (‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001’, Dan Smith). -Art Review, September 2001 (‘Streakers of the art world unite’, Kathy Kubicki). -Time Out (London), 18-25 July 2001 (‘Ones to watch’, Sarah Kent). -FlashArt, July-September 2001 (‘EV+A 2001’, Lisa Prior). -BBC ONLINE, July 23 2001 (‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001’)., June 6 2001 (‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001’). -Art Monthly, May 2001 (‘EV+A 2001 expanded’, Niamh Ann Kelly). -Composite (Japan), March 2001 (‘NORWAY. the Nordic miracle’ Thomas Persson). -Dagbladet (Norway), 5. mars 2001 (“Champagnebar’ og animerte tegninger’, Harald Flor). 1998: -Aftenposten (Norway), 2. september 1998 (‘Animert debut i lite format’) 1998: -Dagbladet (Norway) September 5 1998 (‘Høstutstillingen i fullt spinn’, Harald Flor)

Other events 

Curated events/exhibitions:

  • 2017: Cosmonettes, Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • 2015: Screening at Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai (coordinated and curated by Gayatri Sinha, September edition co-curated with Verina Gfader)
  • 2015: 65th International Berlin Film Festval, Forum Expanded, Akadamie der Künste, Berlin
  • 2015: If The Circle Meets Itself, Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2014: Time Being Time: contemporary drawing in motion, Museum of Contemporary Art, Banju Luka, Bosnia (Curated by Bjørn Hegard)
  • 2014: Vi lever på en stjerne, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway. (Curated by Tone Hansen and Marit Paasche)
  • 2012-13: Painting Without Paint, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen
  • 2012: 62nd International Berlin Film Festival, 42nd International Forum of New Cinema, Critique and Clinic, Kunstsaele Berlin
  • 2011: Fine Lines, a selection from the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland
  • 2011: When is a human being a woman, Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2010: RIGHT RIGHT NOW NOW, Arthur Boskam-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt, Germany. (Curated by Katja Schroeder)
  • 2010: 27 Senses (curated by Lina Džuverović)
  • 2010: Manual, weekend event with screening of animation and performance/reading based on 'Manual', Hit, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2010: Library of Babel/In and Out of Place, 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London. (Curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers)
  • 2009: Momentum 2009, Nordic Biennale for Contemporary Art (curated by Lina Džuverović and Stina Högkvist), Moss, Norway
  • 2009: 27 Senses (curated by Lina Džuverović), KUBE, Kunstmuseum, Ålesund, Norway
  • 2008: The Krautcho Club/In And Out Of Place (curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers), 176 Gallery, London and Forgotten Bar Project, Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin
  • 2008: Screening;ANONYME ZEICHNER #9, FLIP Animation Screening (curated by Bjørn Hegardt), Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin
  • 2007: An Archaeology (curated by Elizabeth Neilson), projectspace 176, Zabludowicz Art Trust, London
  • 2007: 100 TAGE=100 VIDEOS curated by Johan Holten), GL STRAND, Kunstverein Kopenhagen, Copenhagen (touring from Heidelberger Kunstverein)
  • 2007: Species of Spaces and other Pieces (curated by Malin Stahl and Lisa Panting), Hollybush Gardens, London
  • 2007: Form Matters, Gallery Kirkhoff, Copenhagen
  • 2006: 100 TAGE=100 VIDEOS (curated by Johan Holten), Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany
  • 2006: Momentum 2006, 4th Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway (Imagine the Universe Burst Into Song, curated by Helga-Marie Nordby and Ida Kierulf)
  • 2006: Imagine that the Universe Bursts into Song, Young Norweigan Artists (curated by Helga-Marie Nordby and Ida Kierulf) Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
  • 2005-06: Boundless (Grenseløs), Steneresen Museet, Oslo (Touring exhibition arranged by Nasjonal Museet (/Riksutstillinger), Oslo and DSV, Norway. Touring to; Bodø Kunstforening, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Eikaasgalleriet, Trondarnes Distriktmuseum, Kirkenes, Grenselandmuseet, Stavanger Kunstforening, Nord-Trøndelag fylkesgalleri)
  • 2005: WE, Neues problem, Berlin. (collaborative project with Daniel Silver)
  • 2004: antiIDYLL, subspace contemporary art, Berlin
  • 2004: Itch, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
  • 2004: Draught/Trekkur, Kling & Bang Gallery, Rejkjavik, Iceland
  • 2004: Tempered Ground, Gallery Daniel Arnaud/Museum of Garden History, London
  • 2004:Itch, Butler Gallery, Kilkrenny, Ireland
  • 2004:Transmogrification. Gallery Danielle Arnaud, London
  • 2004:Ev+a 2004, Limerick City Gallery, Ireland
  • 2003: Break in Theatre, Hara Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2003: Ev+a, Limerick City Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
  • 2003: Hope Springs Eternal, Dominic Berning, London
  • 2002: Tegnebiennalen 2002 (Drawing Biennale 2002), Galleri F15, Jeløya, Norway 
  • 2002:Break in Theatre 3, Nadiff, Shibuya, Japan
  • 2002:One Night Stand, MAKE Re-Launch, The Lethaby Gallery, Central St. Martins, London
  • 2001-02: B Hotel, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York
  • 2001-02: Break in theatre2, Touring: 1) International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama 2001, 2) Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo
  • 2001: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001. (Selected by; Mike Nelson, Jennifer Higgie and Chris Ofili) Touring ; 1) Camden Arts Centre, London. 2) NGCA, Sunderland, UK
  • 2001: Dream Operator, Gallery Sparwasser, Berlin. (Screening)
  • 2001: ev+a 2001, Limerick City Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
  • 2001: Emerging Technologies, Pandaemonium 2001 (curated by Lina Džuverovič), LUX Gallery, London
  • 2001: 7 animations, Galleri UKS, Oslo
  • 2001: National Collection of Contemporary Drawing, Limerick City Gallery, Ireland
  • 2000: ZIGZAG, Galeria Thomas Cohn, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2000: Diplated Pupils, Gallery VTO, London
  • 2000: Nordic and Baltic Animation Festival, Østfold Art Centre, Gallery ØKS, Fredrikstad, Norway
  • 1999: Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway
  • 1999: Standard Keyboard, The Pineapple, Malmø, Sweden
  • 1998: Høstutsillingen 98, Osolo, Norway
  • 1998: Institution, Gallery UKS, Oslo, Norway
  • 1997: Nitch Studenten, Galleri Hänel, Frankfurt/M, Germany
  • 1996: Frisbee, (curated by Per Gunnar Tverbakk) Hordland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway