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Cat Hope

b. 1966

Cat Hope (b 1966) is an eclectic composer who writes acoustic and electronic works, with a focus on the lower end of the sound spectrum. She has written a considerable amount of material for dance, theatre and film, winning the Pandora's Box Best Film Score Award in 2002. Cat is also a performance and video artist whose works in these genres have a sound focus. She has written several papers on film music and related topics as a result of her interest in the relationship between sound and image.

Almost all her compositions feature some element of improvisation, and there is an emphasis on performative elements in her works. In 2001, Cat developed the D.A.C.S (Digital Audio Control Skirt); which enables a music performer to control video projected onto the skirts' surface as well as audio samples whilst performing. The score for The Other Velvet (1998) for standing instrumentalist, dancer, backing CD and skirt is sewn into a garment to be worn during the performance. She also incorporates radios and other consumer electronics into her works, which may take the form of compositions, performance art, sound installations or a combination of all of these.


She is the director of Decibel new music ensemble which tours often and performs her work. In 2011 she won the Inaugral Award for Excellence in Experimental Music at the APRA AMC Art Awards and was a finalist in the WA Citizen of the Year Awards in the Arts and Culture category. Her piece “In The Cut” (2009) is one of five selected to represent Australia in the 2013 International Society of Contemporary Music showcase and her work tends to explore low frequency sound, drone, noise, glissandi and graphic scores.